Astra Pro 插件 v3.9.1(插件 + 模板 + Astra 主题 v3.9.1)

Astra Pro 插件

Astra Pro是一个简单直接的 WordPress 主题,可让您停用页面标题和侧边栏。Astra Pro 主题是在考虑速度的情况下创建的。 它是市场上最轻的主题,并且具有最快的性能。

Astra 的代码库架构遵循 SEO 最佳实践。 它甚至包括所有必要的 标记。 Astra 旨在与 Beaver Builder、Elementor、Site Origin、Visual Composer 和 Divi Builder 等页面构建器一起使用。


特点 Astra Pro – 快速、轻量级和可定制的 WordPress 主题

  • 没有 jQuery: jQuery 渲染阻塞以性能优化的方式进行。 所以 Astra 使用 vanilla JavaScript 代替。
  • 小于 50 KB:Astra 是轻羽毛。 它需要不到 50 KB 的资源,而大多数其他 WordPress 主题至少需要 300 KB。
  • 加载仅需 0.5 秒!:使用默认的 WordPress 数据,Astra 在不到半秒的时间内加载。 它专为速度而设计,并针对性能进行了全面优化。
  • 预建网站
  • 无需代码即可自定义
  • 超快的性能
  • 颜色和字体
  • 博客和档案
  • ..
特点 Astra Pro

Changelog Astra Pro – 使用 Pro 插件免费扩展 Astra 主题

v3.9.1 - July 29, 2022
- Fix: Mobile menu flyout mode not working properly when old Header layout is active.
- Fix: WooCommerce – Button variation is displaying the old deleted product attributes on single product.
- Fix: WooCommerce – Shop active filter toggle not working properly due to incorrect customizer option handle.
- Fix: Theme version rollback does not work on the initial page load of Astra Options.

- New: Redesigned the entire customizer UI for better user experience.
- New: WooCommerce - General - Quantity Plus Minus Button Options With Multiple Designs.
- New: WooCommerce - General - Modern Input skin type.
- New: WooCommerce - General - Ajax based quantity selector.
- New: WooCommerce - General - Introduced Color and background option for Sale badge.
- New: WooCommerce - Shop - Added new modern view option for shop style.
- New: WooCommerce - Shop - Introduced unique filter panel design.
- New: WooCommerce - Shop - Introduced sticky shop filter sidebar option.
- New: WooCommerce - Shop - Added accordion compatibility for WooCommerce filter widgets.
- New: WooCommerce - Shop - Added Flyout and Collapsible option for WooCommerce filters panel.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Added sticky add to cart on single product.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Product tabs heading - Product tabs heading - Added normal, hover, and active text color support.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Added Color and Typography options for Category text.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Added Enable/Disable Quantity Plus-Minus sign option.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Added Option to Add Extra Product Description.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Introduced tab style presets for product details. ( Accordion / Distributed ).
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Introduced previous-next product preview option on navigation hover.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Payment options list in single product structure.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Introduced sticky product summary option.
- New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Toggle to Convert Variation select dropdown to buttons UI on Single Product page.
- New: WooCommerce - Added Multistep Navigation for Cart, Checkout and Order Received pages.
- New: WooCommerce - Cart - Modern Cart Layout.
- New: WooCommerce - Cart - Sticky Cart total on scroll on WooCommerce cart page.
- New: WooCommerce - Checkout - Modern Layout.
- Improvement: Single Product - Option to Show/Hide Category on WooCommerce single product page.
- Improvement: Single Product - Product gallery Layout options ( First Image Large / Vertical Slider / Horizontal Slider ).
- Improvement: Single Product - Product Navigation color options ( Normal & Hover ).
- Fix: Related Products & Upsell columns not working on responsive devices.

- Fix: Custom layout styling not loading on front-end.

- Improvement: Moved Single Post and Page spacing option to theme.
- Fix: Translated Taxonomies not listed under the target specific rule for Custom Layout with Polylang plugin.
- Fix: Custom Layouts - Inside post/page content displays multiple time with entry_after hooks used.
- Fix: Small space appearing between the Sticky Above and Primary header in the Beaver Builder editor.
- Fix: Primary submenus not expandable on mobile when toggle button element is not added.
- Fix: "Header Button" heading added to separate out Sticky Header options in old header.
- Fix: Accessibility - LifterLMS profile link is missing aria-label and role attribute.
- Fix: Fixed display Products from Same Category with Navigation. ( )

- Fix: Improvements as per WordPress coding standards.
- Fix: Header - Menus - Box Shadow not applying for submenus from customizer options
- Fix: Single Product Quantity not working for decimal numbers.
- Fix: Elementor page with Motion effect jerks on scroll when header is set to sticky and animation is None.
- Fix: Submenu items expanded initially in offcanvas, when Toggle Button being used for desktop header.
- Fix: Astra theme version number missing in Rollback section.

- Improvement: Compatibility for enhancing block editor experience. ( )
- Fix: Builder - Search - Search markup is loaded even when the search element is not added.
- Fix: WooCommerce - Grouped product - Add to Cart not appearing properly on Quick view.
- Fix: Some of the Search shortcodes are not working on the posts or pages.
- Fix: W3 validation - aria-label attribute is missing for the close icon for the Off-canvas sidebar trigger on the Shop page.
- Fix: Sticky header meta option is not working on the frontend.
- Fix: Custom Layout - 'Header is built using Custom Layout' notice showing in customizer even the layout's toggle is disabled.

- Fix: Blog - Infinite scroll is not working with Masonry Layout.

- Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from Blog Pro Infinite Scroll addon.
- Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from WooCommerce Infinite Scroll addon.
- Improvement: Added activate UAG notice in Custom Layout editor sidebar.
- Improvement: Compatibility with PHP 8.0.
- Fix: Gravity form checkbox not accessible when WooCommerce Quick View option is active.
- Fix: Accessibility - href attribute is missing in the Anchor element for Scroll to top.
- Fix: W3 validation - Removed unwanted CSS value set for content property for Quick View summary section.
- Fix: Navigation menu was not scrollable for the sticky header.
- Fix: Dropdown Mobile Menu - unable to open submenu on Sticky Header with Max Width - Site Layout.
- Fix: Elementor Pro popup not triggered when WooCommerce Single Product gallery layout is set to vertical.
- Fix: Scroll to top - Icon not appearing properly on responsive devices.
- Fix: Inside post/page content breaking the page when Yoast SEO and Beaver Builder plugins are active.
- Fix: Custom Layout - Inside Post Content - appearing in the sidebar.
- Fix: Builder - Language Switcher - WPML - all langauges appearing as active.

- Fix: Custom Layout's meta fields not saving when editor type is Code Editor.

Version 3.6.4 December 21, 2021
Added feature to enable or disable specific Custom Layout. ( )
Added easy filtering tabs for custom layouts lists.
Moved Custom Layout existing settings into a separate Gutenberg sidebar panel.
Add Custom Layouts on pages/posts using shortcode feature.
Image field error in the CreativeWork Type.
Removed unwanted title and desc tag present for search icon.

- Improvement: Added compatibility for Elementor Pro v3.5.0 WooCommerce widgets.

- Improvement: Code refactor – Some filters, functions, hooks are deprecated and replaced with astra_addon_ prefix NamingConvention. ( )
- Fix: W3 validation - Getting duplicate H1 tag for 'site-title' in case of Sticky header.
- Fix: W3 validation - CSS parse error for search icon height.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate ID: '#ast-hf-mobile-menu'.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate HTML id '#site-navigation' in case of multiple menus on a single page.
- Fix: Builder - Menu - Transparent header's submenu background color not overridden by Sticky header's submenu background color.
- Fix: Builder - Search - Placeholder was not reflecting on frontend when changing from customizer in Search box style.
- Fix: Search input field border color was not changing when hovered on search icon for Slide Search style.
- Fix: Builder – Language Switcher – Element's language options overlapping on one another.
- Fix: Flyout menu reoccurs when clicked on close icon for Old Header on iPhone devices.

- New: Rollback to previous versions feature for the theme and addon.

- Improvement: Moved heading color options to Global Colors section.
- Fix: Backward compatibility for Content Background option with the theme.

- Improvement: Astra menu settings button made accessible to users with 'edit-theme-options' capability.
- Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the addon.
- Improvement: WooCommerce & EDD cart - Introducing Cart product count color option.
- Fix: Fatal error `Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function astra_get_tablet_breakpoint()` in some cases.
- Fix: Search - Added Accessibility for Search Box style of Search Button.
- Fix: EDD - Cart count is overlapping on the submenu section.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Sticky header menu color not working.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Menu Font not working.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Deprecated responsive options for menu colors.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Login menu notice only visible when WooCommerce or Lifter LMS plugin activated.
- Fix: Sticky Header shrink option not working in new Header/Footer builder.

- Fix: Previous & Next arrow icons not appearing for product gallery in Quick View layout.
- Fix: Compatibility with WPML plugin version 4.5.
- Fix: Console error while editing in the beaver builder editor view when "CSS File Generation" is enabled with Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin.
- Deprecated: Header Footer Widgets - Deprecated design specific sticky header options for better compatibility with WordPress 5.8. ( )

- Security Fix: Replaced AJAX post request with simple JS request for Infinite pagination from WooCommerce & Blog Pro addon.
- Fix: Builder - Submenu & sticky header colors not working if "Header Sections" addon is deactivated from old header. ( )
- Fix: Search - In 'Search Box' style search icon missing when Astra CSS icons available on site.
- Fix: Category archive title showing extra 1em space around when "Add Space Between Posts" option is disabled.
- Fix: Showing old footer copyright section on checkout page when distraction free checkout option is enabled for WooCommercce, EDD and LifterLMS.
- Fix: Stack On option for footer Social Icons not reflecting correctly as per setting in customizer.
- Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Sticky Header Search Box style.
- Fix: Builder - WooCommerce & EDD cart - Outline cart type has transparent background. ( )
- Fix: Page Headers and Custom Layouts for specific Pages/ Posts/ Taxonomies, etc. do not work in customizer.
- Fix: Swap Section feature not working for mobile in Old Header Footer. ( )
- Deprecated: Filter 'astra_infinite_pagination_post_type' deprecated as AJAX request handled by simple JS request. ( )

- Fix: Fatal error on the widgets page when Learndash module is active.

- Fix: Customizer not working due to conflict with block editor JS.

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免费下载 Astra Pro 插件 + 主题 + 模板


笔记: 因为 云服务器 不稳定,此时无法更新已清空的修复,请按照以下步骤清空 阿斯特拉临

– 查找并打开文件 astra-addon.php 之后 第 12 行 添加此代码:

$brainstrom = get_option( 'brainstrom_products' );
$brainstrom['plugins']['astra-addon']['status'] = 'registered';
update_option( 'brainstrom_products', $brainstrom );

笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。