WordPress页面构建器插件Beaver Builder Pro v2.6.3 + Beaver Theme

WordPress页面构建器插件Beaver Builder Pro 

WordPress页面构建器插件Beaver Builder Pro可以通过拖放界面轻松创建具有专业外观的页面。 主要区别在于 Beaver Builder 中的所有编辑都在您网站的外观上进行。 Beaver Builder Pro 对 WooCommerce 和 WordPress 多语言有很好的支持,并且适用于任何 WordPress 主题。

Beaver Builder Pro真正突出的功能是页面模板系统。 这使您可以在几秒钟内创建不同的页面。 您所要做的就是选择一个页面模板。

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演示: http://demo.wpbeaverbuilder.com/

特点:WordPress页面构建器插件Beaver Builder Pro

  • 简单但功能强大
  • 通过 WordPress 定制器进行实时编辑
  • 导入和导出设置,一键演示
  • 建立在引导程序上
  • 来自开发者和社区的长期支持……

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Changelog:WordPress页面构建器插件Beaver Builder Pro

Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.5.2- 07/28/2022
Hot Fix
Security: Harden Contact and Subscribe Form modules
Security: Harden get_post_id function to ensure post ID is always an integer
Add a compatibility fix for the ConvertBox plugin
Fix various menu issues: vertical alignment with the inline logo option, responsive toggle alignment and the menu background extending too far

Beaver Builder Pro v2.5.5.1- 07/22/2022
Hot Fix
Security Related: Enhance checks to prevent malicious code from being entered into the UI
Fix font weight reverting to default

2.6 alpha.1 - 04/29/2022
 	NEW Add a new breakpoint option to Global Settings
 	NEW Add UI for adding row shapes in global settings
 	NEW Add search to saved item tab in content panel
 	NEW Settings Import/Export in WP Admin. This includes settings there plus global settings
 	NEW You can now use WordPress reusable blocks in Beaver Builder layouts
 	Accordion Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
 	Tabs Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
 	Columns: Add aspect ratio option
 	Posts Module: Add option to filter by custom fields
 	Copy and Paste Improvements: Hover over the wrench for rows and modules and the columns icon for columns to see the new copy option. Paste only appears if there is data to paste
 	Button, Button Group, Callout & Call to Action Modules: Add option for control over the gradient styling
 	Login Module: Add icon options for the fields and buttons
 	Outline Panel: collapse/expand all items and persistent storage were added so that the panel remembers what sections you have expanded and collapsed
 	Outline Panel: Will now highlight the node that is open for editing
 	Pricing Table: Add typography for the Ribbon option, add color option for the Price
 	Pricing Table: Add icon color options for individual features
 	Refine the feel of the overlay and highlight features in the canvas area
 	Global margins/paddings: now a dimension field so you can control all 4 sides separately
 	UI Dark Mode/Light Mode can now be set to Auto so it changes with your OS
 	Posts Module: Add ability to select multiple post types
 	When hovering over a Google Font in font selector, show a preview of the font
Bug Fixes

	Pricing Table: Fix Title color not rendering Title is highlighted
 	Pricing Table: Make sure Box Top Margin is only available when using Legacy settings
 	Pricing Table: Fix button border hover color not working
 	Pricing Table: Fix some colors not working if the Row text color is set

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Beaver Theme v1.7.11

笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。