WordPress滑块插件Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.5.1.14 + Templates

WordPress滑块插件Smart Slider 3 PRO

WordPress滑块插件Smart Slider 3 PRO是一个新的 WordPress滑块插件,它使用直观的编辑器界面来创建各种幻灯片效果。 Smart Slider 3 PRO 包含大量功能,可让您创建各种滑块和块,并将其添加到您的网站,这些滑块和块具有不同类型的元素、视频、字体、图像等。

Smart Slider 3 PRO是一个强大的插件。 它提供了令人印象深刻的大量功能,您可以使用这些功能创建几乎任何类型的动画滑块。

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演示: https://smartslider3.com/

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WordPress滑块插件Smart Slider 3 PRO特点 

  • 数百张预制幻灯片可供您使用文字和图像进行更新,从而加快设计速度。
  • 使用我们的 180 多张专业设计的幻灯片,输入视觉上令人惊叹的模板。
  • 图像优化:Smart Slider 3 PRO您可以优化和预加载您的图片,以提高您网站的加载速度。
  • 搜索引擎优化友好:HTML结构确保搜索引擎排名位置的最佳结果。
  • 新控件:使用新的自定义选项优化新的箭头、项目符号和缩略图。
  • 灯箱选项:Smart Slider 3 PRO允许图像和视频在 Lightbox 中显示,以获得更好的用户体验。
  • 文字动画:文本动画让您有机会使用文字或字符为文本本身制作动画
  • 动态高度:动态滑动高度调整让您在任何设备上都能获得完美体验。
  • 动作和事件: 触发自定义事件以响应单击或滚动事件等操作。
  • 特定于设备的首选项:您的滑块可以在任何设备上使用,无论是移动设备、平板电脑还是台式机。
  • 专家设置:Smart Slider 3 PRO专家模式打开了许多选项,让您拥有更多控制权。


WordPress滑块插件Smart Slider 3 PRO Changelog 

v3.5.1.8 - 2022.07.26
Feature: u tag is now allowed in text layer.
Feature: Background videos will accept query parameters in their URL.
Fix: Slide link is no longer auto populated at Vimeo and YouTube generator.
Fix: Allow data protocol when Jetpack is active to avoid it removing the arrows and other base64 images.
Fix: Before After layer fixed on RTL.
Fix: Strengthened security.
Fix: PHP compatibility fix at YouTube generator.
Fix: Entering the token at the Facebook generator could cause PHP error in rare cases.
Fix: Ignite gallery generator code updated.
Fix: PHP 8.1. compatibility fixes
Fix: The Max Count will run after the Reverse option from now on.
Fix: Cancel event did not work.
Removed: The muted option was removed from the Background videos, as browsers don't allow any autoplay with sound, so turning it on would result the background video never play.
Other: Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
Other: Dutch translation updated. Thanks, Frank!

v3.5.1.7 - 2022.05.24
Feature: Now you can add Aria label attribute to the icon at the Image Box layer.
Feature: Translation added for the Countdown layer for the available languages. We used Google Translate for the translations, if you find wrong strings, let us know!
Fix: Improved check for valid values at layer content and name.
Fix: Removed the requirement for the DOM in WordPress versions. We'll use wp_kses instead.
Fix: Aria-role attribute is renamed to role.
Fix: Running conditions were refactored on Joomla.
Fix: Compatibility fix for the latest versions of Ignite Gallery.
Fix: A couple of strings were left out from the translation (like the default text of the Animated heading layer). From now on these texts are translatable, too.
Fix: Compatibility fix for SP Page Builder.
Other: Spanish Translation update. Thanks, Rodrigo!
2022.05.04. - Joomla, WordPress Pro
Fix: Major overhaul of the way the plugin deals with options. This should fix a some bugs and provide improved security. To enhance security the "JavaScript callbacks" option was removed from the WordPress Free version. If you need to write custom codes to manipulate the slider follow this guide to learn how. For HTML validity reasons most tags are no longer supported in layers, including the Text layer.
Fix: Font resizer is fixed on Joomla 4
Other: Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。