WooCommerce的优化结帐页面CheckoutWC v8.2.3


WooCommerce 的优化结帐页面CheckoutWC 帮助 WooCommerce 结帐页面被替换为您的结帐页面,其设计美观、响应迅速且经过优化。 适用于任何主题。

结帐 WooCommerce 插件专为改善 WooCommerce 结帐体验而设计。 我们的系统减少了购物车放弃并增加了您的 WooCommerce 商店的结帐转化率。

演示: https://www.checkoutwc.com/



  • WooCommerce 的 Checkout 如何增加您的销售额:如果您使用默认的 WooCommerce 结帐页面,您可能会失去 30% 的客户。 WooCommerce 的 Checkout 可以轻松优化您的结帐页面。
  • 一键解决,精美设计:WooCommerce 的结帐是一种方便结帐的简单解决方案。 不需要配置或编码知识。
  • 针对转化进行优化:WooCommerce 的 Checkout 通过简化复杂的结帐和付款处理来提高转化率。
  • 结帐WC 完全响应并适用于所有 WordPress 主题

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v7.6.0 - 2022.08.03
New - You can now hide the shipping methods when user selects Pickup. Pickup Locations have been moved to the Pickup step if it is enabled for better UX.
New - It is now possible to enable Local Pickup without enabling the shipping option for stores that only allow pickup.
New - Added setting to exclude order bumps when one or more products are in the cart.
Improved - Added preliminarily support for Cashier for WooCommerce\'s Checkout Field Editor feature.
Improved - Added wpml-config.xml for user defined phrases
Fix - Fix translation of French phrases for local pickup feature
Fix - Fix issue with conditional coupon errors not being shown on order submit failure
Fix - Remove outdated Square code throwing JS errors
Fix - Fix WPML issue with pickup location translations
Fix - Fix fatal error from bug in Free Gifts for WooCommerce

v7.5.0 - 2022.07.28
Improved - Refactored JS validator promises to save ~200ms during validation
Improved - CheckoutWC scripts are now output in the footer for better compatibility and PageSpeed scores.
Improved - Implemented JSON repair technique from WooCommerce core to eliminate some instances of failed AJAX calls on poorly configured sites.
Improved - When using enhanced registration, the overridden WooCommerce settings for generating username and password now only apply on the checkout page
Improved - Refactored Order Review Step tab output to use our updated tab system. This fixes validation of fields on the order review step tab.
Dev - Implement cfw_is_cart_bump_valid as generic filter for bumps.
Dev - Removed some non-functional JS from the Square compatibility JS module
Dev - Added cfw_estimated_pickup_time to filter pickup time output
Dev - Added cfw_hide_email_field_for_logged_in_users filter to allow showing the email field to logged in users.
Fix - Fixed fatal error with latest version of SUMO Payment Plans
Fix - Fix bugs with BeTheme theme.
Fix - Fix state matching for Italy with Google Address Autocomplete
Fix - Fix bug with trust badges repeater that caused image picker to be non-functional when multiple badges were added between clicking save.
Fix - Fix bug with Aelia Currency that prevented the correct currency from being selected after country change
Fix - Fix regression that broke ThemeHigh Checkout Field Editor Pro conditional field validation.
Fix - Fix full-width field rendering for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields.

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