WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro v2.0.18

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro是 WordPress 插件目录中最流行的属性变体插件。

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro – 一个简单的插件,但它做得很好。 将产品属性的下拉列表变成漂亮的模板。 这意味着您可以将产品选择的下拉列表转换为色板、按钮、收音机和图像。

因此,该插件极大地扩展了变化的可能性。 用户无需打开下拉框并查看变量产品可用的选项。 无需额外的点击和额外的时间,他们可以快速选择您想要的选项。

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演示: https://getwooplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-variation-swatches/

特点 WooCommerce Variation Swatches 插件

特点 WooCommerce Variation Swatches 插件
  • 如果变体具有一组特色图像,则自动将下拉菜单转换为图像
  • 在类别/存档页面中显示色板
  • 类别/存档页面中的图像转换工具
  • 类别/存档页面中的文本工具提示
  • 双色变换色板
  • 支持快速查看
  • 什么在商店页面上显示唯一选定的属性? 这会有所帮助!
  • 设置添加链接以对齐属性转换模板
  • 更改产品库 仅选择颜色变体,如 Amazon 和 Aliexpress(或选定变体)
  • 创建变体链接
  • 根据色样定制产品
  • 产品页面的色板颜色更改
  • Swatch 转换产品页面的图像
  • 转换产品页面的按钮/标签样本
  • 突出你的特殊属性
  • 产品页面图片变化工具提示
  • 可自定义的工具提示文本
  • 模糊/隐藏转换
  • 圆形和方形变化

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更新日志 WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro 

v2.0.6 ( 31/07/2022 )
Preloader for Single Variation Image Preview image
dependency script updated for product page settings save issue
Clear on Reselect and Single Variation Image Preview option conflict
is_admin() check removed for some theme support

v2.0.5 ( 20/07/2022 )
woovariationswatchesnavwidget_html filter added
woovariationswatches_html filter added
shortcode modified

v2.0.4 ( 08/07/2022 )
Composite Product Selecting Issue
wpml-config.xml file
Option to enable/disable preloader
Option to change tick and cross icon color

v2.0.3 ( 26/06/2022 )
Stock Info availability

v2.0.2 ( 23/06/2022 )
Add to cart issue
Load more support

v2.0.1 ( 16/06/2022 )
Widget styling
click reselect on catalog mode
archive hide css issue

v2.0.0 ( 13/06/2022 )
Plugin structure change and introduce more features
WordPress and Woocommerce compatibility

v1.1.18 ( 06/09/2021 )
Disable swatches on variation only cross sell and upsell product
Image tooltip height
WordPress and Woocommerce compatibility

= v1.1.17 ( 08/05/2021 ) =
WPML Issue
Update plugin updater

= v1.1.16 ( 03/05/2021 ) =
Backend CSS Issue
Add filter: disablewoovariationswatchespro to disable pro swatches

= Version 1.1.15 ( 24/04/2021 ) =
WPML currency switcher issue
Coloned product attribute name and value saving issue.
Function added to get dual color values
Option added Choose which JS event fire on preview image.
Support dual color on filter widget
Support show variation and variable product swatches

= v1.1.14 ( 11/04/2021 ) =
Fix issue for Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent
Fix URL back button Issue
Fix WPML issue

= v1.1.13 ( 10/03/2021 ) =
WooCommerce and WordPress Compatibility
Remove .contains and replace with .includes
Remove saving variation settings data when click on Main Update button

= Version 1.1.12 ( 02/03/2021 ) =
Settings Option to clickable out of stock enable or disable
Add UnderscoreJS on script dependency

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