WordPress创建临时站点插件WP Staging Pro v5.4.0

WordPress创建临时站点插件WP Staging Pro

WordPress创建临时站点插件WP Staging Pro– 一个插件,只需几个快照即可克隆和重新创建对您的 WordPress 站点的更改。

WP Staging 允许您在网页上安全地工作:从一个网页开始复制信息库和记录,然后到下一个网页; 允许您拒绝明确的表格和信封; 极快的克隆措施; 客户工作验证; 甚至重要的网站也得到维护; 使用起来非常简单

演示: https://wp-staging.com/

特点 WP Staging Pro – 为 WordPress 网站创建临时站点

  • 一键复制您的网站
  • 将数据库、插件、主题和媒体文件从暂存站点复制到 Live
  • 仅适用于经过身份验证的用户的暂存站点
  • 克隆过程不会减慢您的网站速度
  • 暂存站点位于您的服务器上。 没有数据发送给第 3 方
  • 克隆和推送 WordPress 多站点,(主站点和子站点)

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Changelog WP Staging Pro – 创建临时站点的一键式解决方案

= 4.2.10 =
* Fix: Important update! Deselecting all tables does not lead to exclusion of tables as expected, but leads to selection of all tables. Thus all tables are copied and possibly overwritten instead of deselected. Applies to new cloning, UPDATE and RESET of a staging page. That can lead to data loss in the staging site. An update is strongly recommended! The problem appeared for the first time in version

= v4.2.8 =
* Fix: On some servers, autoloader tries to load Composer\InstalledVersions although this doesn't exist. We fix this by only loading classes that exist #1801

= v4.2.6 =
* Fix: Certain default plugins like wps-hide are not excluded anymore during cloning #1742
* Fix: Scheduled backup not always executed #1754
* Fix: Backup folder is deleted during backup restore on Windows OS #1737
* Fix: On backup restore retry deleting an item again in next request instead of re adding it at the end of queue, if item isn't completely deleted in current request #1758
* Enh: Refactor normalizePath() #1751
* Enh: Optimize table selection to reduce POST characters. Send either selected tables or excluded tables whichever is smaller along to reduce the POST size for cloning and pushing #1727
* Enh: Allow automatic update of WP STAGING | PRO on the staging site. It can still be disabled using the filter wpstg.notices.disable.plugin-update-notice #1749
* Enh: Add filter wpstg.backup.restore.extended-search-replace. The extended search replace allow properly replacing to destination URL for some plugins like rev-sliders #1741

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免费下载 WP Staging Pro v5.4.0

笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。