WordPress图像地图插件SVG Map Builder v5.6.2

WordPress图像地图插件SVG Map Builder

图像地图专业版不仅仅是一个简单的图像映射生成器。 当然,放置地点并添加文本 – 这是真的。 但这就是老生常谈的地方。 图像地图专业版 自带功能丰富的在线应用程序,让您可以快速简单地构建各种自定义图像映射、图钉、SVG 和多边形形状,所有这些都可以直接导出到您的网站。


用于 wordpress 交互式图像地图构建器演示的图像地图专业版

特点:适用于 WordPress 的 Image Map Pro – 交互式图像地图生成器

  • 包括 50 多个国家和大陆的地图。
  • 定制的多边形形状
  • FontAwesome Icons 拥有 600 多个高质量图标。
  • 具有超能力的后端编辑器
  • 工具提示内容生成器
  • 完全响应
  • HTML API 和 JavaScript
  • 鼠标悬停/单击操作
  • 具有自定义样式的形状
  • 图像映射的导入/导出
  • 撤消/重做是一项可让您及时返回的功能。
  • 在编辑器中,缩放
  • 全屏模式可用。
  • 形状可以重命名和重新排序。
  • 复制和复制/粘贴形状
  • 更新是自动进行的。

更新日志:适用于 WordPress 的 Image Map Pro – SVG Map Builder

    - Improved the SVG import process

    - Bug fixes

    - Bug fixes

    - Bug fixes

    - Fixed a bug where an image background of a shape would display regardless of the currently selected layer
    - Fixed a bug where image background offset and scale would be ignored for mouseover styles
    - Added missing example videos for the content builder

    - Minor bug fixes

    - Minor bug fixes

    - Minor bug fixes

    - [Other] Limited the height of the shapes list to max 50% of the window height

    - Critical bug fix related to the newly included maps

    - [Feature] Added 50+ maps of countries, continents and the world
    - [Feature] Added an option to disable a shape (make it non-interactable)
    - [Feature] Added an option to have an image map without any image (transparent background)
    - [Feature] Newly created shapes have more user friendly names and the default content contains the title of the shape
    - [Feature] Added support for importing "path" SVG elements
    - [Feature] The shapes menu is now responsive
    - [Bug] Tooltips will no longer blink when changing shapes quickly
    - [Bug] Fixed position of tooltips when "sticky tooltips" is enabled and the tooltip belongs to a pin shape
    - [Bug] Fixed a bug when dragging an element to a container sometimes gets stuck on the mouse
    - [Other] If there is no shape selected, shape settings are hidden and a message is displayed
    - [Other] Limited the height of the shapes list
    - [Other] Reworked the new/edit layer window. In WP it will now use the media uploader, instead of simply a text field for an URL
    - [Bug] Improved compatibility with maps created before version 5.0
    - [Bug] The "Tooltip" settings tab no longer shows for Text shapes
    - [Bug] In the editor in Edit mode a tooltip will no longer show for the selected shape, if it has a parent and "Use Parent's Tooltip" is enabled

    - Fixed a bug where images in the "What's New" tour would not show.

5.0 - Jan 15, 2019:
    - Fresh new look for the Editor
    - Gutenberg support
    - When selecting a shape in Edit mode, you can now see the tooltip of the shape and some buttons above it
    - Moved tooltip style settings to a floating window, which can be opened by clicking the Tooltip Style button above a tooltip
    - Tooltips can have custom positions by clicking the Transform Tooltip button above a tooltip
    - All tooltips now use the content builder by default. "Plain Text" option has been removed and all existing tooltips with "Plain Text" have been converted to use the content builder. There is no change in functionality and no additional work is required on clients' part.
    - Content builder can now be accessed as a floating window in the Editor, without entering a separate "content builder mode". You can drag and drop elements directly on the tooltip and see the results immediately.
    - Default padding of tooltips changed from 20px to 15px

4.4.5 - Jul 14, 2018
    - Fixed a bug related to multiple tooltips containing YouTube video elements

4.4.4 - Jul 6, 2018:
    - Minor bug fixes

4.4.3 - Jul 5, 2018:
    - Fixed a bug that caused layers not to load their own image
    - Fixed a bug that prevented layers from functioning properly when a layer has been deleted
    - Fixed a bug with mouseover styles on fontawesome icons
    - Floor select menu is now working as intended in Firefox
    - Videos will now stop playing when tooltip is closed
    - Other minor bug fixes

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