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 WordPress培训教育主题Masterstudy是创建教育和培训中心网站的最佳 WordPress 主题 – 适用于组织不同课程或在本地创建课程的教育机构。

使用 WordPress培训教育主题Masterstudy模板,您可以轻松地为您的教育业务创建和自定义 WordPress 培训网站。

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  • 视频直播课程
  • 团体课程
  • 基于 Vue.js 构建
  • 具有自动完成功能的高级搜索
  • Masterstudy LMS 在线课程插件
  • 100% RTL。 支持
  • 带有 WooCommerce 的离线课程系统
  • 付费广告 免费课程
  • 使用 Paypal、Stripe 购买的课程
  • 课程评分
  • 几个标题选项
  • 用 Sass 构建
  • 跨浏览器兼容性:Firefox、Safari、Chrome、IE9+
  • Redux 框架的主题选项
  • 无限的颜色选择
  • 革命包括
  • Bootstrap 上的响应式界面
  • 视差和视频背景
  • 超过 880 种谷歌字体
  • 图像编辑器
  • 24/7 专业支持
  • 包括的材料
  • 集成 Mailchimp 订阅
  • 经常更新
  • FontAwesome 图标
  • WPML 本地化支持
  • 一键导入演示内容
  • 嵌入音频和视频
  • 革命滑块集成

特点 Masterstudy Pro 插件

  • 在 Masterstudy Education WordPress 学习管理系统 (LMS) 主题中,您现在拥有 3 种类型的课程:文本、视频、幻灯片。
  • 课程中的实时问答功能。
  • 测试中的实时倒数计时器
  • 重新测试
  • 带有正确/错误答案的测试结果
  • 高级拼图
  • 课程评分
  • 课程包
  • 整合 bbPress
  • GamiPress 集成
  • 谷歌课堂
  • 课程评分和愿望清单
  • 先决条件
  • Udemy 链接
  • 重新测试
  • 教师和学生的个人资料页面
  • 题库
  • 问题模块(问题类型)
  • 课程类型
  • 毕业书
  • 连续内容滴落
  • 试听课程
  • 会员通知
  • 快速简单的一键式演示的精彩演示
  • 学生定期注册
  • 买一次
  • 与 PayPal 和 Stripe 集成
  • 付费会员专业版 一体化
  • 私人信息
  • 创建您自己的证书
  • 愿望清单
  • 教师和学生简介

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Changelog WordPress培训教育主题Masterstudy

v4.5.5 - September 5, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.4
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.8.2
New: Membership Plans widget added to the WPBakery.
New: Added Call to Action 2 widget for Membership Plans to Elementor.
Update: Membership Plans are redesigned and got a new customizable appearance for Elementor and WPBakery page builders.
Update: Responsive view of Membership Plans on desktop and mobile devices.
Update: Additional settings added to the Membership Plans Elementor widget.
Fix: Certificate builder elements are moved scarcely in Firefox.
v4.5.4 - August 17, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.3
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.8.1
Update: The user account drop-down menu on the site header now includes links to the user account.
Update: Addons page visually improved for the site administrator.
New: Courses filter sidebar added to the Courses categories archive page.
New: Added new font for Certificate builder "Amiri" (Arabic) to display all symbols in Arabic.
Fix: The menu of installed plugins in the WordPress admin top bar caused white space on the front end.
Fix: Some strings were not visible for translation.
Fix: The Instructor's name was replaced with the student's name in Payouts and statistics when WooCommerce checkout is used.
Fix: "I have an account" link was removed from the Restore Password page.
Fix: The Restore Password field accepts a weak password while the Sign-Up form requires an 8-digit password.
Fix: When two "Image match quiz" is used in a single lesson, It was possible to choose answers from both quizzes.
Fix: Searchbox shortcode not worked on Front end.
Fix: Images are not uploaded to quiz questions when Media File Manager is enabled.
Fix: Quiz answers which contain a single quote (') are not marked as wrong.
Fix: Using a single quote (') in the Certificate Builder break the certificate layout.
Fix: Failed to enter a price with a decimal separator when creating a course from the front.
Fix: Some strings were not visible for translation.
Fix: Minor visual bugs.

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