WordPress备份插件UpdraftPlus Premium v​​

WordPress备份插件UpdraftPlus Premium

WordPress备份插件UpdraftPlus Premium是世界上最值得信赖的 WordPress 备份插件。 您的网站容易受到黑客攻击、服务器问题、错误更新和用户错误等因素的影响。

这就是为什么您应该使用 UpdraftPlus,这是一款评价很高且最受欢迎的 WordPress 备份插件。

演示: https://updraftplus.com/shop/updraftplus-premium/


功能 UpdraftPlus Premium – WordPress 备份插件

  • wordpress.org 上评分最高的备份和恢复插件(5.0 分中的 4.8 颗星),并且在受欢迎程度方面排名前 30(50,000 个)WordPress 插件。
  • 专为在 WordPress 运行的任何地方运行而设计
  • 多站点兼容(即 WPMU/WordPress 网络)。
  • 经验证可备份 100GB 网站; 文件大小仅受 Web 服务器限制。
  • 非 WordPress 文件和外部数据库的无限备份。
  • 支持 WP-CLI
  • 累积备份可以设置为您选择的每小时计划
  • 备份和恢复 WordPress 插件

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Changelog UpdraftPlus – 高级WordPress备份插件

= v1.22.14 - 07/Jul/2022 =
* FIX: Selective table restore
* FIX: Fix restore button JS issue when importing single site to multisite
* TWEAK: Allow charset to be set during a WP_CLI restore
* TWEAK: Use similar charset if one is not set and not supported during a WL_CLI restore
* TWEAK: Add bulk process handler for UpdraftCentral's plugin and theme modules
* TWEAK: Return previous plugin and theme states before installation or activation
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the Backblaze remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the WebDAV remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the SFTP/SCP remote storage by taking PHP code out of it (Premium)
* TWEAK: Avoid using 'phpmailer_init' action when setting up sender name and sender email address, as some SMTP plugins override the 'wp_mail()' function and they don't bother to call the 'phpmailer_init' action
* TWEAK: Prevent increments being added to backups from other sites

= 1.22.12 - 29/Apr/2022 =
* FEATURE: Added the ability to select which themes and plugins to Restore
* FEATURE: Allow existing local backups to be sent to a remote site when migrating
* TWEAK: Tweak to allow the Amazon S3 setup wizard to run if the internal S3 library is active
* TWEAK: The WordPress sidebar menu overlaps the popover tour box
* TWEAK: Attempt to upload a zip file after it's been created to save on storage space
* TWEAK: Add MySQL maximum packet size to Advanced Tools -> Site Information
* TWEAK: Only output the expected table rows when starting to process the table
* TWEAK: Fix get_users parameter that has been deprecated on WP 5.9 in UpdraftCentral posts controller.
* TWEAK: Do not call escapeshellarg() for SCP if we know it is unnecessary (prevents problems on hosts lacking the function for trivial use cases)
* TWEAK: Detect change of run-time environment on first resumption and re-set previously detected resumption interval if likely to be helpful
* TWEAK: Improve the FTP Handlebars template by taking PHP code out of it
* TWEAK: Convert HTTP error codes to their meanings
* TWEAK: Some plugins are loading their own incomplete mcrypt_* functions try and detect this and recover
* TWEAK: Ensure the local backup file is cleaned up if an earlier failed remote storage upload later succeeds
* TWEAK: Include plugin version when getting details from UpdraftPlus Vault to allow features that depend upon a sufficiently up-to-date version

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。