WordPress多合一会员插件MemberPress Pro v2.4.1 + Addons

WordPress多合一会员插件MemberPress Pro

WordPress多合一会员插件MemberPress Pro是一个易于使用的 WordPress 会员插件,可让您为访问者提供付费访问优质内容和其他产品。插件MemberPress ProPro 已安装在您的网站上,可帮助您立即开始收取访问费用。 MemberPress 使您能够自信地创建、管理和跟踪会员订阅并销售数字可下载产品。

会员插件MemberPress Pro将帮助您自信地创建、管理和跟踪会员订阅并销售数字下载产品。

除了这些特点, 会员插件MemberPress Pro将允许您通过授予和撤销他们对帖子、页面、视频、类别、标签、提要、社区、数字文件等的访问权限来管理您的成员,具体取决于他们所属的成员。

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WordPress多合一会员插件MemberPress Pro特点

  • Easy Setup MemberPress 使用 WordPress 轻松设置会员网站。 它可以自动调整价格、订阅、帐户和添加计划。
  • 内容访问控制:MemberPress 提供了一个强大的工具来共享对内容的访问,包括帖子、页面、类别、标签、文件、
  • 滴灌内容:此功能允许您在一定时间后向成员显示有限的内容。 对于销售在线课程或培训材料非常有用。
  • 会员新闻整合:该插件与邮件列表服务无缝集成:AWeber、MailChimp、GetResponse 和 MadMimi。 它还与 Amazon Web Services 和 BluBrry 一起用于播客托管。
  • 支付网关:MemberPress 提供对 PayPal 和 Stripe 支付网关的内置支持。 该开发计划还增加了对 Authorize.net 的支持。

Changelog:WordPress多合一会员插件MemberPress Pro

v1.9.38 – 2022-06-28
New! Stripe's Link now supported for US/USD sellers
Admins can edit member's VAT number in User's profile
no memberships “message” attribute added to mepr-user-active-membership-titles shortcode
Cyprus VAT accepted format updated
Saving Membership with no active payment methods disables customize setting
Stripe coupon handling
Stripe checkout tax rounding error
VAT handling improved
Deprecated jQuery functions
Custom fields interactions not working in some mobile devices
php_uname function not always available
PayPal Commerce errors
User Roles not always being removed properly
Two-Factor plugin tab fix

1.9.37- 2022-04-28
Temporarily hiding ability to add new PayPal Commerce gateway as we work to resolve API rate limiting issue with PayPal Support. Both teams are actively working on a solution. In the meantime, we recommend using PayPal Standard gateway.

1.9.36 – 2022-04-27
Drip/Expiration columns on Rules list
Removed Auto Rebill from admin upgraded/downgraded email default template
PayPal Commerce connection improvements

1.9.35 – 2022-04-20
Disconnect and Retry button on PayPal Platform integration
PayPal Platform migration message

1.9.32- 2022-03-25
Added notices for Spring Promo
License key optimizations

v1.9.29 – 2022-02-08
Quizzes alert
License key activation checking on every admin request when left blank

v1.9.28 – 2022-02-22
Please note: after updating to 1.9.28 your Members page filtering may be off for a few hours/days depending on how many members you have. A background process will run slowly updating your members data to support the new filtering options and accuracy.
Additional French territories in VAT taxes
Before Trial Ends reminder for recurring subscriptions
Failed invoice reminder email (from Stripe) on failed transactions
Currency code for Burmese Kyats
Custom fields cannot share a unique slug
Retain some formatting when using more tag
Added status attribute to mepr-list-subscriptions shortcode
Stripe Google/Apple pay buttons moved under Stripe gateway option
Viewing a Sub-Account Transaction now possible
Members page filtering improvements
Pasting password on mobile phones
Saving phone numbers sometimes not working
Duplicate memberships showing up in some rare cases
Subscribe link not showing on some inactive subscriptions
Removing roles when updating user profile
Stripe checkout styling
Recaptcha for Stripe's Google/Apple pay buttons
Developer Tools error when validating CC expiration dates
Incompatibilities with Elementor
Blank page on Twenty Twenty Two theme

MemberPress Pro 插件列表

  1. MemberPress Toolbox – 设置显示名称 v1.0.2
  2. MemberPress Toolbox – 手动会员批准 v1.1.6
  3. MemberPress Toolbox – 帐户导航选项卡 v1.0.6
  4. 会员新闻divi v1.0.8
  5. MemberPress Elementor 内容保护 v1.0.2
  6. memberpress 海狸生成器 v1.0.4
  7. MemberPress PDF发票 v1.1.17
  8. MemberPress 亚马逊网络服务 (AWS) v1.3.6
  9. MemberPress Affiliate Royale v1.4.15
  10. MemberPress Active Campaign v1.1.0
  11. MemberPress AWeber v1.1.2
  12. MemberPress BuddyPress 集成 v1.1.15
  13. 会员新闻活动监视器 v1.0.2
  14. MemberPress常联系 v1.1.3
  15. MemberPress ConvertKit v1.2.2
  16. MemberPress 企业账户 v1.5.20
  17. MemberPress Delightful Downloads v1.0.3
  18. 会员新闻下载 v1.2.4
  19. MemberPress 开发者工具 1.2.12
  20. 会员新闻滴水 v1.0.2
  21. MemberPress Drip – 标签版本 v1.1.2
  22. MemberPress GetResponse v1.1.2
  23. MemberPress HelpScout v1.0.7
  24. MemberPress Importer v1.6.7
  25. 会员新闻 MadMimi v1.0.2
  26. MemberPress MailChimp v1.0.7
  27. MemberPress MailChimp 3.0 标签 v1.2.3
  28. MemberPress MailPoet v1.2.4
  29. MemberPress Mailrelay v1.0.5
  30. MemberPress Mailster v1.1.2
  31. MemberPress 数学验证码 v1.1.7
  32. MemberPress Sendy v1.0.5
  33. 会员新闻课程 v1.1.9
  34. MemberPress 用户角色 v1.0.5
  35. 会员新闻 WooCommerce v1.0.5
  36. MemberPress WP Simple Pay Pro v1.0.3

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