WordPress搜索插件Relevanssi Premium v​​2.23.0

WordPress搜索插件Relevanssi Premium

WordPress搜索插件Relevanssi Premium 是一个卓越的搜索引擎,它用许多功能和可调整的参数替换了默认的 WordPress 搜索。 您将收到更好的结果和更好的结果演示,您的用户会喜欢它。

演示: https://www.relevansi.com/

  • 搜索结果按相关性而非日期排列。
  • 如果整个单词不匹配,则使用模糊匹配来匹配不完整的单词。
  • 查找仅匹配一个搜索关键字(OR 查询)或所有单词都必须出现(AND 查询)的文档。
  • 查找引号中的术语,例如“搜索短语”。
  • 创建独特的摘录,强调搜索短语并指出命中发生的位置。
  • 当用户点击搜索结果时,搜索词会在文档中突出显示。
  • 评论、标签、类别和自定义字段都可以被搜索。
  • 多站点兼容性。
  • 支持 bbPress。
  • 古腾堡兼容
  • 标题、标签和评论都可以被赋予不同的权重。
  • 在查询日志中显示最热门的搜索和最近没有命中的查询。
  • 使用隐藏变量或插件设置,将搜索限制为类别和标签。
  • 自定义帖子类型和分类法被索引。
  • 简码的内容已编入索引。
  • “你的意思?” 基于成功的用户查询,建议使用谷歌。
  • 支持 WPML 和 Polylang 多语言插件。
  • 支持 s2member 会员插件,以及其他会员插件,如会员、组、简单会员等。
  • 高级过滤器可让您根据自己的喜好操纵搜索结果。
  • 限制搜索结果以提高大型数据库的性能。
  • 使用简单的过滤器挂钩,您可以禁用帖子内容和标题的索引。
  • 附件内容索引(PDF、Office、Open Office)。
  • “您的意思是?”中的拼写更正建议已得到改进。
  • 在多站点安装中,可以跨不同站点进行搜索。
  • 可以搜索和索引用户配置文件。
  • 分类词页面可以被搜索和索引(类别、标签、自定义分类)。
  • 在 wp posts MySQL 表中,您可以搜索和索引任何列。
  • 任何帖子类型和分类法都可以被赋予权重。
  • 应该给予新职位更多的权重。
  • 允许用户在 AND 和 OR 搜索之间进行选择,并使用 + 和 – 运算符(AND 和 NOT)。
  • 导出和导入设置。
  • WP CLI 是 WordPress 的命令行界面。
  • 相关的帖子。
  • 对于搜索,有重定向。

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更新日志:WordPress搜索插件Relevanssi Premium 

Premium. New feature: New CLI command list_pinned_posts lists all pinned and unpinned posts.
Premium. New feature: New CLI command list lists indexed and unindexed posts, taxonomy terms and users.
New feature: You can now look at how the posts appear in the database from the Debugging tab.
New feature: Relevanssi now works with WooCommerce layered navigation filters. The filter post counts should now match the Relevanssi search results.
Premium. New feature: You can now export the click tracking logs.
New feature: The new function relevanssi_count_term_occurrances() can display how often search terms appear in the database.
Changed behaviour: Relevanssi post update trigger is now on wp_after_insert_post instead of wp_insert_post (for WP versions 5.6+). This makes the indexing more reliable and better compatible with other plugins.
Changed behaviour: Throttling searches has been impossible when results are sorted by date. Now, if you set Relevanssi to sort by post date from the searching settings, you can enable the throttle, and the throttling will make sure to keep the most recent posts. This does not work if you set the orderby to post_date elsewhere.
Minor fix: Prevents Relevanssi from interfering in fringe cases (including The Event Calendar event search).
Minor fix: Relevanssi added the highlight parameter to home page URLs, even though it shouldn’t.
Minor fix: Indexing nav_menu_item posts is stopped earlier in the process to avoid problems with big menus.
Minor fix: Add support for WooCommerce product attribute lookup table filtering.
Minor fix: Improves Polylang language detection.
Minor fix: Improve excerpts to avoid breaking HTML tags when tags are allowed.
Minor fix: Add support for JetSmartFilters.
Premium. Minor fix: With multiple excerpts, sometimes Relevanssi would return no excerpt at all.
Minor fix: If the sentence query variable is used to enable phrase searching, Relevanssi now adds quotes to the highlight parameter.
Minor fix: Add support for TablePress table_filter shortcodes.
Minor fix: Improve WP File Download file content indexing support. Relevanssi indexing now happens after the WPFD indexing is done.
Premium. Minor fix: User profile update actions now happen at a later priority. This should reduce problems when indexing ACF fields, for example.
Minor fix: Relevanssi now hyphenates long search terms on the User searches page. This prevents long search terms from messing up the display.
Minor fix: Stopped some problems with “Did you mean” suggestions suggesting the same word if a hyphen was included.
Premium. Minor fix: If the API key weren’t set in network settings for a multisite installation, Relevanssi wouldn’t fall back to the current site API key setting when indexing attachment content. That works correctly now. However, preferably still set the API key on the network settings level.
Minor fix: Paging didn’t work in admin searches for hierarchical post types (like pages).
Minor fix: Relevanssi doesn’t add click tracking or highlight parameters to admin searches anymore.
Premium. Minor fix: The search log reset feature now also resets the click tracking log.
Minor fix: In-document highlighting could break certain elements thanks to Relevanssi messing up data attributes.
Minor fix: Relevanssi now recursively runs relevanssi_block_to_render and the CSS relevanssi_noindex filtering for inner blocks.
Premium. Minor fix: Relevanssi redirects now work better with FacetWP searches. Thanks to Jan Willem Oostendorp.

= v2.18.0 =
* New feature: Oxygen compatibility has been upgraded to support JSON data from Oxygen 4. This is still in early stages, so feedback from Oxygen users is welcome.
* New feature: New filter hook `relevanssi_oxygen_element` is used to filter Oxygen JSON elements. The earlier `relevanssi_oxygen_section_filters` and `relevanssi_oxygen_section_content` filters are no longer used with Oxygen 4; this hook is the only way to filter Oxygen elements.
* Changed behaviour: Relevanssi now applies `remove_accents()` to all strings. This is because default database collations do not care for accents and having accents may cause missing information in indexing. If you use a database collation that doesn't ignore accents, make sure you disable this filter.
* Minor fix: Stops drafts and pending posts from showing up in Relevanssi Live Ajax Searches.
* Minor fix: Remove array_flip() warnings from related posts.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi used `the_category` filter with too few parameters. The missing parameters have been added.
* Minor fix: Language translations didn't update.
* Minor fix: Phrases weren't used in some cases where a multiple-word phrase looked like a single-word phrase.
* Minor fix: Prevents fatal errors from `relevanssi_extract_rt()`.
* Minor fix: Prevents fatal errors from `relevanssi_strip_all_tags()`.

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