WordPress搜索插件SearchWP v4.2.9 + Addons


WordPress搜索插件SearchWP是 SearchWP 开发人员提供的 WordPress 搜索插件,可让您轻松地在您的网站上查找内容。 它支持对电子商务产品、PDF 和 Doc 文件、自定义内容、简码、分类法以及标题和帖子搜索优化的详细搜索。

演示: https://searchwp.com/

  • 索引 PDF 和 Office 文档. 在 WordPress 库中索引 PDF、Office、文本文档的内容。
  • 无需编码的自动集成. 默认情况下,SearchWP 使用本机搜索表单和 WordPress 结果模板。
  • 支持多种搜索引擎. 创建您自己的搜索引擎,每个引擎都有自己的功能来满足您的要求。
  • 关键词分析. 使用关键字形态分析而不是完全匹配来显示最佳结果。
  • 在所有元素中搜索. 搜索适用于产品描述、用户内容、短句和其他元素。
  • 从搜索结果中排除某些产品. 轻松从搜索结果中排除给定属性的产品。
  • 搜索查询统计. 跟踪搜索查询以准确了解您的用户正在搜索(或不搜索)的内容。
  • 简单的算法设置。 使用直观的 SearchWP 界面轻松确定搜索结果的优先级。
  • 与 WooCommerce 集成. 通过允许用户执行全面搜索(包括产品描述中的数据)来增加收入。
  • 与 bbPress 集成. 通过引入强大的搜索引擎来提高论坛的实用性。
  • 与 WP 任务管理器集成. 允许访问者搜索元数据,否则 WordPress 将忽略此信息。
  • 与 Easy Digital Downloads 集成. 确保用户快速有效地找到您的产品。
  • 支持高级自定义字段. 在执行站点搜索时停止忽略用户数据中包含的信息。

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WordPress搜索插件SearchWP Changelog

[Improvement] Improved AJAX actions security
[Improvement] Updated the PdfParser library for better PDF parsing and improved compatibility
[Fix] Engines errors are not accessible by external code because of the private visibility
[Fix] License gets deactivated periodically for some rare server configurations

[Improvement] Exclude taxonomy name from indexed taxonomy term fields
[Improvement] Do not index the image src attribute in the post content by default
[Fix] No post type exists check during SWP_Query query
[Fix] Existing SWP_Query post type can be overridden with $_REQUEST
[Fix] Synonyms and stemming affecting AND logic query

[Improvement] Better handling of quoted phrases in synonyms
[Fix] Synonyms not working with non-ASCII strings
[Fix] Max nesting function when synonyms are applied
[Fix] Synonyms are not case-insensitive
[Fix] Synonyms affecting the stemming functionality
[Fix] Metrics related click tracking error in multisite environment
[Fix] Merging words during HTML content tokenization if
is used in the content
[Fix] Hiding SearchWP admin menu via the hook leaves a link to it in the admin bar menu
[Fix] MySQL error if engine sources have no attributes
[Fix] Error if 's' parameter in the request is not a string
[Fix] Warning if a custom field is added to the Users in the engine settings
[Fix] Return type compatibility notice in PHP 8.1 for jsonSerialize() method

[Improvement] Performance improvement when getting \'post__in\' and \'post__not_in\' ids
[Fix] Synonyms work incorrectly when AND search logic is applied
[Fix] Posts are not dropped from the index when a taxonomy term is updated
[Fix] Quoted searches give too broad results on custom fields
[Fix] Quoted searches query has redundant subqueries
[Fix] Cross-site search limited results if \"all\" is passed as site args

[New] Extensions admin page to install, activate and deactivate SearchWP extensions in one click
[Improvement] Performance improvement when getting engines configuration
[Fix] Search terms highlighting doesn\'t work well with quoted searches
[Fix] Posts are not dropped from the index when a taxonomy term is deleted from the site
[Fix] Stemming prevents partial matches in some cases
[Fix] Search terms highlighting give unexpected results with partial matches

[Fix] Edited document content is not preserved
[Fix] Broken URLs for the redirects to the legacy admin settings
[Fix] Class prefixing error in smalot/pdfparser lib
[Fix] PHP7 static code analyzer error in symfony/polyfill-mbstring lib

[Change] Plugin settings moved to the top-level menu
[Fix] Undefined function error during the \'index\' CLI command execution
[Fix] Merging words in some cases during HTML content tokenization

[Fix] Synonym application too broad in some cases
[Fix] Document content reindexing in some cases
[Fix] Missing method reference in Comment source
[Fix] Forced phrase search returns no results if the search string doesn't contain non-phrase tokens
[Improvement] Search string normalization
[Improvement] String highlight application when synonyms are applied
[Improvement] Handling of double quotes in synonym logic in some cases

  1. SearchWP WooCommerce 产品表集成 v1.0.4
  2. SearchWP bbPress 集成 v1.3.1
  3. SearchWP BigCommerce 集成 v1.2.0
  4. SearchWP 布尔查询 v1.4.2
  5. SearchWP Co-Authors Plus 集成 v1.2.0
  6. SearchWP 自定义结果订单 v1.3.6
  7. SearchWP 诊断 v1.5.2
  8. SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration v1.7
  9. SearchWP EDD 集成 v1.1
  10. SearchWP 启用媒体替换 v1.1.2
  11. SearchWP 排除 UI v1.2.2
  12. SearchWP 模糊匹配 v1.4.4
  13. SearchWP Give 集成 v1.1
  14. SearchWP HeroThemes 集成 v1.2.0
  15. 搜索WP LIKE 条款 v2.4.6
  16. SearchWP Live Ajax 搜索 v1.7.2
  17. SearchWP 管理忽略 v1.0.0
  18. SearchWP Meta Box Integration v1.1.0
  19. SearchWP Metrics v1.4.2
  20. SearchWP Nimble Builder 集成 v1.0.0
  21. SearchWP Polylang 集成 v1.3.8
  22. SearchWP PrivateContent Integration v1.3.0
  23. SearchWP 重定向 v1.4.2
  24. 搜索WP相关 v1.4.7
  25. SearchWP 简码 v1.8.3
  26. SearchWP Dutch Stemmer v1.2.4
  27. SearchWP 德语词干分析器 v1.0.2
  28. SearchWP 希腊词干 v1.0.2
  29. SearchWP 瑞典语词干 v2.0.2
  30. SearchWP 术语高亮 v2.1.14
  31. SearchWP 术语存档优先 v1.2.0
  32. SearchWP 术语同义词 v2.4.14
  33. SearchWP WooCommerce 集成 v1.3.10
  34. SearchWP WP 文档修订集成 v1.0.1
  35. SearchWP WP Job Manager 集成 v1.5.15
  36. SearchWP WPML 集成 v1.6.9
  37. SearchWP Xpdf 集成 v1.3.0

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