WordPress日历插件Events Calendar Pro v6.2.4

WordPress日历插件Events Calendar Pro


例如,对于在线商店,这可能是销售的开始或结束,对于多媒体网站 – 一些预期内容或信息的到来将可供下载。 对于博客,这可能是倒计时或新帖子出现的确切日期。

出于任何这些目的,Events Calendar Pro适合。 使用该插件,您可以创建自己的事件(不是一个,而是一天、一周、一个月等多次)。

Events Calendar Pro插件不仅易于使用,而且易于设置——只需在 WordPress 中下载并安装它,插件就完全可以使用了。 在兼容性方面,该插件可以在大多数版本的 WordPress 中运行,而不会干扰最流行的插件、附加组件或主题的工作。

演示: https://theeventscalendar.com/product/wordpress-events-calendar-pro/

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特点 :WordPress日历插件Events Calendar Pro

  • 月视图
  • 列表显示
  • 日视图
  • 保存的内容
  • 关键词搜索
  • AJAX
  • iCal 和 Gcal 导出
  • 事件列表小部件
  • 响应式
  • 高级支持访问
  • 重复事件
  • 周视图
  • 照片视图
  • 地图视图
  • 位置搜索
  • 场地和组织者视图
  • 高级小部件
  • 简码
  • 附加字段


更新日志 :WordPress日历插件Events Calendar Pro

= [v6.0.1] 2022-09-22 =
* Feature - Add a link to convert an Event to single in the Events Manager and Series edit screens [ECP-1308]
* Fix - Prevent fatal Fatal error `Call to undefined method DateTimeImmutable::format_i18n()` on Week view that occurred on certain versions of php 8.0 [ECP-1346]
* Fix - Correct some translation domains pointing to the wrong plugin. [BTRIA-1302]
* Fix - Correct a mismatch between the get_terms filter and our hooked function signature. [ECP-1327]
* Fix - Normalize and reformat Event recurrence and date-related meta before migration to fix a number of migration warnings. [ECP-1304]
* Fix - Fix regression that was making the Events Calendar PRO tabs show up on the Event Tickets settings. [ECP-1338]
* Fix - Ensure we don't try to check nonexistent globals ($_POST, $_GET, etc). [ECP-1162]
* Fix - Correct a block editor fatal. [ECP-1330]
* Fix - Fix a fatal in the mini-calendar widget. [ECP-1317]
* Fix - Ensure that taxonomies get carried over when splitting recurring events. [ECP-1303]
* Fix - Ensure recurring events have a series generated for them when one is not specified. [ECP-1274]
* Fix - Prevent duplicated JOINs on View Series filters. [ECP-1246]
* Fix - Prevent editing the first occurrence of a recurring event from creating a new event. [ECP-1232]
* Tweak - Add some explanatory text to the Single Update option. [ECP-1307]
* Tweak - Prevent conflicts with the WooCommerce product page shortcode when in the editor. [ECP-1231]
* Language - 6 new strings added, 130 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

= [v6.0.0] 2022-09-06 =
* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.0 and higher
* Feature - Custom tables and optimization of Cache Primers to enable reduced and stabilized number of queries on Event views.
* Feature - Event Series are available to manage Recurring Events.
* Feature - Inclusion of Event Series custom table `{$prefix}_tec_series_relationships`.
* Feature - Duplication of Events.
* Fix - Avoid infinite loops in some combinations of recurrence rules and dates

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