WordPress最流行的多语言插件Polylang Pro v3.3.1

WordPress最流行的多语言插件Polylang Pro

Polylang Pro是流行的 WordPress 多语言翻译插件的高级版本。允许您以无限多的语言创建多语言内容。 Polylang 允许您的用户在他们的个人资料中选择他们喜欢的语言并自动下载适当的 WordPress 语言包。 WordPress Polylang Pro 完全支持 RTL 语言并适用于大多数 WordPress 主题。

演示: https://polylang.pro/downloads/polylang-pro/

特点 WordPress最流行的多语言插件Polylang Pro

WordPress最流行的多语言插件Polylang Pro v3.3.1 2
  • 翻译帖子、页面、媒体、类别、标签
  • 翻译自定义帖子类型和自定义分类法
  • 翻译菜单和小部件
  • 使用子目录、子域或单独的域
  • WPML API 兼容性
  • 翻译可以在 URL 中共享相同的 slug
  • 翻译 URLS 中的 slugs(自定义帖子类型、分类法等等……)
  • 跨语言重复帖子
  • 启用或禁用语言
  • REST API 支持
  • 与其他集成 ACF 专业版

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= v3.2.5 (2022-06-28) =
* Pro: Fix creation of WC product categories with shared slug via REST API
* Pro: Fix conflict with WooBuilder when editing a WC product

* Fix: Force empty string translation to empty string #1058
* Fix CSS conflict with Dynamic content for Elementor #1060

= v3.2.4 (2022-06-07) =
* Pro: Remove "Navigation menus" from the post type settings list
* Pro: Fix block editor languages panel missing in WordPress 5.6
* Pro: Fix wrongly indexed languages list returned by REST API when the first language is deactivated.
* Revert fix for category feed not redirected when the language code is wrong #1054
* Fix wrong redirect of category when the url includes a query string #1048
* Fix querying multiple categories failing

= v3.2.3 (2022-05-17) =
* Pro: Fix a fatal error when inserting a term
* Pro: Fix translation of the block cover when duplicating a post
* Pro: Fix a CSS issue in bulk tranlate form introduced by WP 6.0
* Pro: Fix a CSS issue in string import/export metaboxes.
* Prevent random languages order in WP 6.0 #1041
* Translate site title in retrieve password email #1042
* Fix 'lang' attribute in language widget dropdown #1039

= v3.2.2 (2022-04-25) =
* Pro: Fix redirect occuring for tags sharing the same slug as their translations
* Fix quick edit allowing to modify the language of the default category when it should not #1018

= v3.2.1 (2022-04-14) =
* Pro: Fix users with editor role not able to save or publish posts
* Pro: Fix FSE compatibility not loaded when the plugin Gütenberg is active
* Pro: Fix a fatal error occuring with Yoast SEO Premium
* Pro: Fix a fatal error with ACF when no language is defined

3.2 (2022-04-12)
Requires WP 5.6 as minimum version
Pro: Add compatibility with the full site editing introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Add a language switcher block for the navigation block introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Add compatibility with the new gallery block introduced in WP 5.9
Pro: Make the language switcher block available in the widget section of the customizer
Pro: Fix wrong category when translating the latest block
Pro: Fix the language switcher block when using the dropdown option
Pro: Fix some edge cases with locale fallback
Pro: Fix post template replacing the post content when duplicating a post
Pro: Fix synchronization groups not correctly cleaned up when a language is deleted
Pro: Fix incorrect sticky property when duplicating / synchronizing posts
Pro: Fix \"Page for posts\" label after the page has been bulk translated
Pro: Fix translated slug when the url includes a query string
Pro: Synchronize ACF layout fields if a child field is synchronized or translatable
Pro: Fix wrong field group translation displayed when using object cache with ACF
Update plugin updater to 1.9.1
Add compatibility with the block site title introduced in WP 5.9
Add the list of wpml-config.xml files in the site health information
Improve the performance of the get_pages() filter #980
Improve the compatibility of \'wpml_object_id\' with the original filter #972
Prevent term_exists to be filtered by language in WP 6.0
Fix some PHP 8.1 deprecations #949 #985
Fix a fatal error in PHP 8.1 #987
Fix category feed not redirected when the langage code is wrong #887
Fix default category not created for secondary languages (introduced in 3.1) #997
Fix parent page when the parent post type is not translatable #1001
Fix the Yoast SEO breadcrumb when it includes a non-synchronized taxonomy #1005
Fix a PHP Notice when adding a new language and Yoast SEO is active #979
Fix a PHP warning in Yoast SEO compatibility #954

= v3.1.4 (2022-01-31) =
* Pro: Adapt duplication and synchronization of the gallery block refactored in WP 5.9
* Fix UI glitch in the classic editor custom fields form when changing a post language in WP 5.9 #970

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。