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ListingPro 是一个目录主题,将帮助您创建一个基于现代 Bootstrap 和 MapBox 技术开发的用户友好的目录网站WordPress目录主题ListingPro是为新手和更高级的用户量身定制的。 ListingPro 有一个优雅的设计,会给你的网站一个时尚的外观并强调你的内容,你的访问者会感谢你的。

WordPress目录主题ListingPro 支持带有可自定义标记的 Google 地图,以及带有价格、评论、联系方式和博客页面的部分。 将对象添加到文件夹有一个单独的布局。 强大的高级搜索引擎。

方便的用户控制面板。 通过管理面板无限的颜色设置和许多其他参数。 漂亮的字体 伟大的图标。 干净的代码和响应式布局将有助于推广搜索引擎。

演示: https://themeforest.net/search/19386460

功能 ListingPro – WordPress 目录主题

  • 查看: 即时赚钱的综合支付系统
  • 定价计划:创建无限的免费和付费计划
  • 广告管理:集成广告系统让ListingPro所有者可以赚钱
  • 收件箱: 内部消息系统
  • 事件管理:让企业主组织活动并在其列表中进行宣传
  • 优惠和优惠券:商家信息所有者可以通过提供优惠和优惠券来推动更多业务
  • 管理目录、发票、报告、与所有设备兼容、架构标记……



27th May 2022 | v2.6.14
> Fixed: Activating ListingPro Plugin is resulting in site break after 2.6.13 update.

22nd May 2022 | v2.6.13
> Updated: WPBakery Plugin
> Updated: Redux Framework Plugin
> Added: Compatibility with all new plugins incl. DrivePro, CBDPro, YellowPro, QuotePro.
> Added: Red alert notification in the backend Listing flag section
> Added: Option added in user dashboard to show the name of the user
> Fixed: Author email is removed from the source code
> Fixed: multi Events display issue on the detail sidebar
> Fixed: Header top bar opacity issue
> Fixed: Add event start and end date issue
> Fixed: Paid Claim success even no pricing plan for the claim
> Fixed: Coupon image broke
> Fixed: Archive style 3 category text issue during search
> Fixed: Image broken in Grid style 4 and 7
> Fixed: Archive page coupon display issue
> Fixed: Pricing plan with category issue
> Fixed: Monthly plan not showing without refresh
> Fixed: Archive style 3 no result found text changed
> Fixed: Image issue in user dashboard inbox tab
> Fixed: On app view 2 the banner taxonomies appear twice
> Fixed: Double title tag issue on page source
> Fixed: Embedded video issue on Listing detail page
> Fixed: Author Email removed from source code
> Fixed: Lead form logo URL issue
> Fixed: Search Google dropdown, undefined error

19th March 2022 | v2.6.12
> Added: Compatibility with new demos including DrivePro, CBDPro, etc)

11th March 2022 | Version 2.6.11
> Fixed: (Mobile) Galley images when clicked on the expand button shows incorrectly.
> Fixed: Hard coding on the plan style vertical 3, e.g Lead Form
> Fixed: On plan page vertical view 4 has no indication for hot plan
> Fixed: With region, location doesn't work
> Fixed: Nearby widget issue
> Fixed: Icons issue 404 error in console.
> Fixed: Checkout page notice for bank wire (Undefined variable: bank_transfer_img)

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ListingPro 插件列表

  • ListingPro 预订 v1.0.5
  • ListingPro 潜在客户表格 v1.0.5
  • WP All Import – Listingpro 附加组件 v1.0.2

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