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Listar WordPress 目录和列表主题 花了很多时间提供广泛的信息,消除经常出现的误解,并制定逐步的程序,以使每个人都更容易。 根据您的喜好自定义您的网站,您会惊讶于 Listar 的实用性。

为 Listar 创造机会 – WordPress 目录和列表主题

有了这个全新的版本,您一定会以独特的答案打动您的听众。 Listar 将帮助您管理一个目录网站,无论它有多大或多么受欢迎,以一种很棒/很棒的方式。

您最近是否开展了一项业务? Listar – WordPress 目录和列表主题邀请您尝试并与它一起成长。 这不仅仅是为了商业:这个正在进行的项目需要尽快实施大量的预定义升级……

演示: https://themeforest.net/item/listar-wordpress-directory-theme/23923427


更多详细信息 Listar – WordPress 目录和列表主题

主题样本中使用的所有图片仅用于演示目的,不包含在最终产品中。 安装主题和(可选)导入演示内容(灰色)后,所有图像都将为空白。


Listar 是一个 WordPress 目录主题,具有独特的风格,强调色彩对比、流畅的曲线和引人注目的动画。 Bootstrap Grid System 用于为布局提供动力,确保在任何现代设备或浏览器上快速适应和出色的导航体验。

您可以使用 Listar 从头开始​​设计自己的列表目录,并且不需要任何技术专长。 您可以按类别和区域排列这些列表、添加设施、发布照片库、注册地址(位置)以便可以创建地图等等。


自发布以来,Listar – WordPress 目录和列表主题已经获得了很多积极的反馈。 我们只是想对花时间提交如此宝贵反馈的每一位客户表示感谢。 我们承诺会尽力而为,随着时间的推移会添加更多功能和升级。

你高兴吗? 请给我们打分!

考虑一下,通过留下评分,您正在帮助该主题实现更大的目标,例如提高其搜索算法排名。 此外,产品的平均评论得分越高,其吸引新客户并将更多访客转化为销售的前景就越好。

所以,如果你喜欢 利斯塔 – WordPress目录和列表主题,有很多新功能,在开发中支持它,你很快就会发现,在排名上的投资是非常值得的。

推荐:分类存档布局插件Anywhere Elementor Pro Addon 

更新日志:Listar – WordPress 目录和列表主题

Aug 16, 2022 – v1.5.3.7
> Quick Fix : Search texts not being considered while searching by Nearest Me.Jul 31, 2022 – v1.5.3.5
> Smooth scroll: varied fixes to boost the page scrolling performance.

Mar 14, 2022 – v1.5.3.3
> Added : Miles as optional measure unit for listing distances.
> Added : JawgMaps as alternative map & geocoding provider.
> Quick Fix : Integration issue with Woocommerce Payments plugin, related to credit/debit cards.
> Quick Fix : Issue with infinite scroll for archive pages.
> Quick Fix : Updated geolocation scripts.
> Quick Fix : Disabled loading of Select2 library from Woocommerce to avoid duplication (Woocommerce 6.0+).
> Quick Fix : Fixed issues with marketplace plugin concerning front end submission of Woocommerce products.
> Quick Fix : Issue with Woocommerce shiping form on checkout page.
> Quick Fix : Mapbox is now the default map provider for listings. Style/color editor available on the official Mapbox website.
> Quick Fix : WordPress back end REST API issue on Listar Addons.
> Quick Fix : WordPress back end REST API issue on Listar Social Login.
> Quick Fix : Adjusted capabilities for 'editor' user role.
> Quick Fix : Issue with custom session cookie parameters for current/active session.
> Quick Fix : Fixed fail login attempt callback (500 error) for sites under SSH/SSL.
> Quick Fix : Disabled viewport zoom for iOS/Safari devices after click on form fields.
> Improved : Abbrevition of high values for listing counters (1K, 10K, 100K, 1M).
> Upgraded : Woocommerce subscription plugin.

Oct 25, 2021 – v1.5.3.1
> Quick Fix : Auto-login and page redirect after user registration and password reset.

Oct 19, 2021 – Version 1.5.3
> Added : Link (URL) field for Pricing Menu items.
> Added : Theme Options to set the initial zoom level for maps.
> Added : Theme option to control if the first accordion section of a single listing content must be pre-opened by default.
> Added : Page Option to set the minimum screen width for front page hero video.
> Fixed : Issue with Google Social Login. Requires manual plugin update: upload/unzip the Listar Social Login plugin to "wp-content/plugins/" folder.
> Fixed : Counter issue for listing terms (regions, categories, amenities).

Sep 20, 2021 – Version 1.5.2
> Added : Hero video for front page header. Accepts Youtube, Vimeo and .MP4 link.
> Added : Setting fields to front end page: set the start and end time for the hero video.
> Added : 08 new theme options to configure the listing search.
> Fixed : Flickering issue with main menu drop down.
> Improved : Listing search algorithm and search queries for better performance.

Jun 21, 2021 – Version
> Fixed : Minor issues raised after last theme update.

Apr 21, 2021 – Version
> Quick Fix : For issues raised from last update, related to Marketplace and Listar Pagespeed.

Apr 18, 2021 – Version 1.4.7
> Notice : The new version of Listar Directory was just launched, all theme previews will be updated shortly to reflect the new features.
> Added : New Front End Dashboard.
> Added : Marketplace integration. Listing owners can create stores and sell products. Website owner set comissions and make profit with third party stores.
> Added : Store Inquiries and Notifications.
> Added : Sidebars for Woocommerce Archive and Woocommerce product pages.
> Added : Optional breadcrumbs for Woocommerce pages.
> Added : Theme options to configure Woocommerce sidebar positions.
> Added : Vendors widget to list Marketplace stores.
> Added : Shopping menu for Theme Options page.
> Added : Marketplace menu for Theme Options page.
> Added : Stats charts for Marketplace stores and Administrators.
> Added : Vendors can create their own discount Coupons.
> Added : New menu links for logged in users (administrator and vendors): Become a Vendor, Marketplace Dashboard, Marketplace Settings, Store Dashboard and Store Settings.
> Added : Listing owners can create articles for blog via new Front End Dashboard.
> Added : Integration of Listar Pagespeed settings with WP Fastest Cache plugin.
> Added : New 'Videos And Other Media' fields for listing submission form, allowing mixed gallery of multiple videos and iframes.
> Added : Theme option to preset rating stars for the rating categories.
> Fixed : Issue with Operating Hours for Safari browser (Add Listing form).
> Fixed : Rest slowness when saving listings with the WordPress back end editor.
> Fixed : Issue with Jetpack form VS Listing Review form.
> Fixed : Importing issues raised after latest updates for One Click Demo Import plugin.
> Improved : Change the position (left/right) for blog and shop sidebars.
> Improved : Replaced Powered Cache by WP Fastest Cache as recommended cache plugin. Just activate Listar Pagespeed in Theme Options, no need to configure WP Fastest Cache (except CDN details).
> Improved : Listar automatic cache generator converted to hidden Cron task, no more need to watch the process.
> Improved : Multiple videos (video gallery) are now available and not limited for Youtube: Vimeo and direct link for video files (like .mp4) will be accepted.
> Improved : Sequential third party plugin setup wizard launch after first theme install: Marketplace setup and Woocommerce setup.
> Improved : Interface for listing form fields on WordPress editor (back end).
> Improved : All required pages are now created automatically for Woocommerce, WP Jobmanager and other plugins.

Apr 05, 2021 – v1.4.6.3
> Quick Fix : For One Click Demo Import recent changes.
> Quick Fix : For Jetpack comments module.
> Official Update : Intended for next 10 days, delayed because of complex integration with a third party plugin. Very relevant features coming soon!

Fev 25, 2021 – Version
> Quick Fix : JavaScript height equalization for columns of squared Call to Action widgets.
> Quick Fix : Minor design issues related to the last update.

Fev 05, 2021 – Version
> Fixed : Fail issue while updating the theme.

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