WordPress聊天插件Live Chat Unlimited v3.5.0

WordPress聊天插件Live Chat Unlimited

WordPress聊天插件Live Chat Unlimited 是最畅销的聊天插件,现在更智能、更快捷!

  • 开源
  • 安装在 无限域
  • 100 个用户(第一的) 可以同时聊天 (即 10 名操作员和 90 名访客)
  • 轻量级..它适用于 框架 不会影响您的页面性能。 一旦您的页面完全加载,您的小部件就会自行加载..
  • 多语言支持(WPMLPolylang 插件)
  • 非常干净的代码
  • 更多运营商可以回答同一个用户的问题
  • 新访客上线时的“电子邮件通知”(可选)
  • SSL 支持. 您的所有消息和访问者都将被加密
  • 最新检查 WordPress
  • 符合 GDPR (详情见页面底部)
  • 使用 PHP 7.4 和 WordPress 5.5 测试

(1):一个浏览器选项卡相当于1个用户连接。 如果用户在您的网站上打开 2 个选项卡,则将计为 2 个用户连接

演示: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-live-chat-plugin/3952877


  • WordPress 4.7 或更高版本
  • PHP 5.4 或更高版本
  • 免费 Firebase 帐户

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Screets LC 是安全可靠的。 通过 Google Clouds 发送的所有聊天都经过了关键隐私和安全标准的认证——请参阅 https://firebase.google.com/support/privacy/。

此外,该插件不会将访问者的任何个人信息存储在实时数据库中。 他们都是匿名的。 因此,您的访问者无需按照 GDPR 的要求请求数据删除。 但是,您仍然可以直接从离线聊天选项启用离线表单的接受复选框。

更新日志:无限实时聊天 – WordPress 插件

v.3.4.3 - 4 August, 2022
[*] Tested with WordPres 6.0.1

v3.4.2 - 17 June, 2022
[+] Translate collector card fields directly from WordPress
[!] Fix showing response time info in collector card

v3.4.0 - 21 March, 2021
[+] Add collector card
[*] Only ask audio permission to Safari users (when new conversation is created)
[*] Mark as read automatically when you close conversation
[*] Don't greet user on chat widget header when user's name is actually an email
[!] Fix showing re-activated conversations on inbox

v3.3.1 - 17 December, 2021
[+]: WordPress: Check new plugin updates automatically
[*]: WordPress: Use "wp_remote_post" for sending WooCommerce data to Chat app
[!]: WordPress: Updated chat console dashboard to the latest version
[!]: Fixed going online/offline status updates on chat widget

v3.3.0 - December 13, 2021
[+] Display exceptions (Show up chat widget on specific pages)
[+] WordPress: Automatically recognize logged-in WordPress users
[+] WooCommerce: Create a chat in background including order details when the customer place an order, so your operators can see in your chat console and reply
[+] JavaScript API: Identity Verification (a.k.a Custom User Authentication)
[+] Greet returning visitors on chat widget header (i.e. Hello John)
[*] Whitelabel: screets Chat name can be removable from the chat widget
[*] Whitelabel: Notification emails (sent to your clients) now use Application Name and logo (instead of screets brand)
[*] No need to authorize domains starting with "www". It's automatically recognized

v3.2.0 - October 20, 2021
[+] New chat starter icon
[+] New appearance option: "Hide chat widget when all operators are offline"
[+] Auto-detect language and translate strings of the chat widget (i.e. Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
[+] Set your custom titles for chat widget
[+] Set your custom Google Font for chat widget
[+] Show "green badge" on chat starter button when at least one operator is online
[+] Sound notifications to chat console
[+] URLs are clickable in chat messages (including e-mails)
[+] Recognize RTL messages on chat
[*] Better design for in-app message (in other words, chat button title)
[*] Show only online operators on chat widget on online mode (when at least one operator is online)
[*] Increase maximum height of chat popup from 580px to 720px
[*] Improve stability of embedded chat console in WordPress
[!] Fix chat popup header sizing issue on first load
[!] Fix unable to disable "hide me on chat widget" option

v3.1.1 - October 5, 2021
[*] Improve licensing (including updating quotas)
[*] Re-arrange positioning green badge of online operator pictures (avatars)

v3.0.2 - September 14, 2021
[*] Improve stability of escaping translations

## 3.0.0
August 30, 2021
The first release! It's dedicated to "Atatürk" who is founder of the modern Turkiye.
* First release 
* All new (design & core)
* Blazing-fast! Huge performance improvements
* No Firebase dependency
* Works all around the world including China 🇨🇳
* Works in all web platforms (including HTML and PHP)
* No server installation required
* Image and File uploads
* Departments for everyone

= v2.9.5 - 10 March 2021 =
* Updated WP tested version

= v2.9.4 - 10 March 2021 =
* Tested with WordPress 5.7
* Increase mobile breakpoint from 450 to 455

= v2.9.3 - 15 December 2020 =
* Upgraded Firebase into 8.2.0 which supports new Firebase Realtime Database servers (especially Beta ones)

v2.9.2 - 4 December 2020
* Added "Realtime database URL" field in realtime options to make compatible with new Firebase update

v2.9.1 - 28 November 2020
! Improved security rules for Firebase (update rules with the new one if you face PERMISSION_ERROR in your browser console)

v2.9.0 - 18 November 2020
* Tested with WordPress 5.6
* Updated security rules to prevent Firebase email notifications (new projects only)
* Better instructions to setup Firebase project

v2.8.8 - 22 September 2020
* Compatible with PHP 7.4
* Tested with WordPress 5.5

v2.8.7 - 28 March 2020
* Tested with WordPress 5.4
* Update "update-checker" library into the latest stable version
! Fixed a warning in update-checker library

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。