WordPress表单插件Formidable Forms Pro v6.8.3 +Addons

WordPress表单插件Formidable Forms Pro

WordPress表单插件Formidable Forms Pro 是 WordPress 最先进的表单生成器。 创建一个复杂的多页联系表单或带有条件逻辑、计算和文件上传的表单。 然后将收集到的数据显示在图表中。

演示: https://formidableforms.com/

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Formidable Forms Pro 的特点

  • 强大的表格临 具有创建强大的托管 WordPress 表单和 Web 数据应用程序所需的所有功能。 查看使 Formidable Forms 成为 WordPress 中最佳表单生成器的功能。
  • 使用视图显示表单数据:在用户视图中格式化、过滤和显示通过表单提交的数据。 创建引用个人信息记录的动态视图或按当前用户 ID 过滤。
  • 设计师:WordPress 可视化表单 使用简单的 WordPress 可视化表单编辑器轻松创建复杂的表单。 无需编辑 HTML 代码,只需单击或将新字段拖到表单上即可。
  • 自动添加表单域:需要从一条记录中收集多组信息? 可重复字段允许您的用户快速添加一组新字段。
  • 添加用户消息的表单:添加表单以添加用户帖子和页面。 设置自定义字段、标题甚至最喜欢的图像。 接受来自用户的新消息作为草稿,以允许管理员审核它们。
  • 带进度条的多页表单:将复杂的数据条目拆分为易于管理的多页表单,每次翻页时自动保存草稿。 进度条和根线也提供了很好的用户体验。
  • 前端表单编辑器:允许用户编辑条目、提交和用户生成的页面或帖子——所有这些都来自您网站的外部界面。 从界面编辑表单既快速又简单。

演示: https://formidableforms.com/


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Changelog :WordPress表单插件Formidable Forms Pro 

Formidable Forms v5.5.3
NOVEMBER 3, 2022
New: Formidable-styled submit buttons will now appear at half opacity with a disallowed cursor pointer when disabled.
New: Draft pages can now be selected when adding existing items to an application.
New: Password field strength will now validate in JavaScript when the setting is enabled.
New: Added a new "page" option to form shortcodes. For example, [formidable id=454 page=2] will begin on the 2nd page of a form, and [formidable id=pages page=start-page] will begin based on the value of a start-page get param.
Fix: Some application templates would fail to import because of an unexpected conflicting attribute in newer XML exports.
Fix: Fields inside of a duplicated section were not properly wrapped in a field group in the form builder until after refreshing the page.
Fix: Views wouldn't appear in Applications when Polylang was active because of a filtering conflict.
Fix: Calculations weren't triggering on page load after hitting the back button on Chrome and Edge.
Fix: A regex pattern was growing too large when importing an XML file with thousands of fields resulting in a "Compilation failed: regular expression is too large at offset" warning.
Fix: Additional checks were added to import to prevent warnings when tracking child entries and when importing an unexpected date value.
Fix: Cascading look up field options were not appearing (this was already patched in some versions of the previous release).
Fix: Taxonomy rows in post actions would disappear from post actions after changing taxonomy type.
Fix: The "Exclude options" checkbox for taxonomy rows in post actions would remain checked after saving unless all options were also unchecked.
Fix: All fields will be hidden again when using a form shortcode with the fields="" option like in previous 5.0.x versions of Pro.

Formidable Forms v5.5.2
OCTOBER 13, 2022 
New: Scale fields now use open fields for defining a min and max range value, and include a new step option.
New: Page break fields can now be filtered using the frm_display_break_value_custom filter. See https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/frm_display_field-type_value_custom/ for examples.
New: Dynamic fields now have a option order setting similar to Look ups.
Fix: Forms made with Gutenberg blocks were not working with [frm-set-get] shortcodes.
Fix: Prevent a warning when duplicating fields with array data, like check boxes.
Fix: Batched requests for dynamic field data were processing too frequently in some cases.
Fix: Updated scale field styling on the Edit Entry page to fix visual issues at mobile screen sizes.

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