WordPress销售点插件WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v6.0.1

WordPress销售点插件WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

这个WordPress销售点插件WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)插件允许您使用 WooCommerce 上工作的 WordPress 在线商店在沙龙或商店中配置销售。

在您的在线商店中,您可以发布销售点的地址。 并且当客户在您的商店购买时,您将能够让客户使用在线商店下订单,从而在多个销售对象中记录并跟踪商品的可用性。

在您的商店中,您可以提供客户注册并记录您商店的在线版本。 WooCommerce 销售点插件 支持检查邮票,付款收据。 您还可以使用任何设备(包括触摸设备)接收电子卡付款。

您还可以在您的在线商店下订单,并让用户直接在您的商店中取货。 POS 插件支持创建唯一的订单代码,带有印章,使用户无法重新注册商品。

WooCommerce 销售点 插件与物理存储库在同一个数据库中工作,因此您可以同步所有数据。 此外,该插件并不意味着以每月付款或其他令人不快的意外的形式产生任何费用。

演示: https://woocommerce.com/products/point-of-sale-for-woocommerce/


WooCommerce 的高级功能销售点

  • 专为 WooCommerce 打造
  • 多种配置
  • 注册和购物
  • 便利店
  • 定制产品
  • 优惠券、折扣和费用
  • 订单和客户备注
  • 订单管理
  • 支付方式
  • 帮助提醒
  • 快速转换
  • 产品展示
  • 卡存储
  • 措施
  • 条形码扫描器
  • 产品条码
  • 仓库的保存
  • 订单过滤和报告

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更新日志 WooCommerce 销售点 (POS) 

2021-10-29 - v5.5.4
Feature - option to disable the order status selector when fulfilling orders.
Feature - support for custom status selection (Order Status Manager by SkyVerge) for parked and fulfilled orders.
Feature - ability to scan barcodes using device camera.
Feature - option to restock out of stock products when scanned through the register.
Feature - global setting for loading of coupons on register load.
Fix - unexpected behaviour when regular products have parents.
Fix - PHP warnings related to SSL certificates.
Fix - plugin conflict that broke receipt template functionality within POS.
Fix - respect visiblity settings when displaying related products.
Fix - variation selection fails under specific circumstances.
Fix - orders with no billing first name were shown as “Walk-in Customer”.
Fix - product preview panel did not show data.
Misc - bumped the minimum required version of WC to 4.1.0.
Tweak - display SKU and image on variable product option tiles.
Tweak - search and show billing company information.

2021-08-26 - version 5.5.3
Feature - ability to define margins when printing barcodes in a continuous format.
Fix - style conflict with Avada theme.
Fix - custom product grid did not load all products.
Fix - card reader selection issue with Stripe Terminal.
Tweak - complete refactor and redesign of processing refunds through the register.
Tweak - display terminal ID along with label in register settings page.
Tweak - dispaly additional terminal info under Payments > Stripe Terminal > Available Terminals.
Tweak - display meaningful error message if no readers available.
Tweak - update setting defaults for indexing, scanning, searching and fetch order settings.
Tweak - increased number of additional payment methods to 20.

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