WordPress 聊天机器人Chatbot WPBot V12.4.2

WordPress 聊天机器人Chatbot WPBot

Chatbot WPBot Pro WordPress  是第一个也是唯一一个可以改善用户体验、提供支持、回答问题和增加转化的集成 WordPress 聊天机器人!

用于 WordPress 的聊天机器人 是 WordPress 的下一代 ChatBot 插件,带有一些非常有用的工具,可以立即使用。 会话式用户体验是技术的未来。

登录到 WPBot,一种新的用户交互方式,允许您的 WordPress 站点在个人层面上与用户进行交流,从而创建更自然的交互来模仿现实世界。

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演示: https://codecanyon.net/search/23512075

特色 WPBot Pro – 用于 WordPress 的 ChatBot
  • 个性化聊天机器人,连续,24/7
  • 即插即用聊天机器人
  • 人工智能与自然语言处理
  • 从自然语言输入中检测用户意图
  • Facebook Messenger 在线聊天集成
  • 重新定位、再营销、转化优化、退出意图
  • 注册时事通讯
  • ChatBot 小部件短代码
  • 点击聊天链接
  • 在任何其他网站上嵌入 WPBot
  • Skype、WhatsApp、Viber、Web Link 和电话图标集成
  • 个性化您的聊天机器人!
  • PolyLang,WPML 语言支持
  • 支持 Youtube 图片和视频
  • 为聊天机器人计划活动
  • 高级网站搜索
  • 聊天中的支持和沟通
  • 给我回电话
  • 收集客户反馈

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WordPress 的 Changelog ChatBot 

======= v12.0.3 =====
# Open AI addon compatible
# asking name stop word fix

# URL based Language issue fixed.
# ADA Complaince issue fixed.
# Iphone RWD improved

# Help & Support tooltip language added in language center.
# [object object] issue for Skip Greetings and Trigger an Intent option - fixed.

= v10.3.0 =
# Email subscription Offer content issue fixed.
# Dialogflow CX is fully supported.
# Enable Dialogflow CX checkbox added.
# New tutorial link added.
# Project ID field is required.
# Article/Blog Post Section query by post id option added.
# Dokan pro admin conflict issue fixed.
# post was called incorrectly. Product properties should not be accessed directly - issue fixed.
# Uncaught Error: Class 'WC_Product_Factory' - issue fixed.
# Mini mode template supports livechat.
# mini mode template issue fixed.
# Need to add an option in the Extended Interface to show Latest, Featured or On sale products - Done.
# voice message button like the other button integrations - done.
# Latest addons added in chatbot dashboard.
# Now after answering the question asked from main interface it will start the main loop asking for name etc. Also uploaded in demo site
# Performance updated.
# Livechat rwd issue fixed.
# Extended search Start settings saving issue fixed.
# Livechat window size matched.
# Restore all option to Default - button issue fixed.
# Start Menu json string showing issue fixed.
# Extended interface enable/disable option added.
# Header design updated
# WP Rest api warning issue fixed.
# Retargeting back to start button issue fixed.
# Send us email page url added.
# Send us email subject issue fixed.
# RWD issue fixed.
# Extended Start Interface added.

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