WordPress Gallery插件Essential Grid v3.1.2.1

WordPress Gallery插件Essential Grid

WordPress Gallery插件Essential Grid 是 WordPress 的高级插件,可让您从各种来源构建令人惊叹的图像、视频和音频画廊!

使用响应式 WordPress 画廊功能,帖子和页面,包括使用 NextGen Gallery 等其他插件构建的相册,连接到主要社交媒体流,如 Instagram、YouTube、Vimeo、Twitter、Flickr 等。

构建一个完整的自定义画廊网格。 我们的模板库将为您提供在移动设备上看起来很棒的模板网格,并且易于配置和填充您的内容!

演示: https://codecanyon.net/item/essential-grid-wordpress-plugin/7563340


  • 初学者视频教程频道
  • 用于所有目的
  • 盒装,宽,全屏布局
  • 行/列/间距可调
  • 图片、Youtube 和 Vimeo 视频、HTML5 自托管视频、iFrame 内容
  • 内容来源:帖子、自定义帖子、页面、WooCommerce、图库
  • 各种动画和预加载器
  • 提供数十种样品皮肤
  • 响应式和移动优化
  • 视觉皮肤编辑器:轻松构建和自定义您自己的皮肤
  • 轻松导入/导出皮肤
  • 包括带有插件安装的自定义皮肤,一键式安装程序
  • 自定义元:帖子的附加选项
  • 自定义基于帖子的外观修改:帖子的特殊规则
  • 广泛的文档和视频教程
  • 可定制的转换速度(个人/全球)

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v3.0.16 (20th July 2022)
If database can not be created, a notice will be shown and the database creation can be triggered again
Template popup redesign
Move "Rightclick Protection" feature from core to Addon
Move "Watermarks" from core to Addon
Move "Convert WP Gallery to grid" from core to Addon
Move "Mediafilters" from core to Addon
Fixed saved page number exceed grid count
Fixed clicking search "Icon" open the filter dropdown in "Dropdown on click" mode
Fixed Divi shortcodes in ajax requests
Fixed convert gutenberg gallery into a grid
Fixed limit for stream count for all source types
Fixed the_content filter don’t use the current post but the post_id of the page
Fixed featured image appear before the ALT image loads in lightbox
Fixed grid not working in Elementor Tabs
Fixed simultaneous Youtube videos autoplay in grid
Fixed "Clear Categories" for post source type
Fixed Search and Load More wont show found items
Fixed Vimeo and Youtube lightbox not autoplaying on mobile
Fixed direct linking to filter shows wrong count in dropdown on page load

v3.0.15 (21th February 2022)
Fixed gmt post date in item skin
Fixed item skin editor js errors
Fixed sort warning for non-numeric grid item ID
Fixed delete full cache
Fixed cache for grids with random sort
Fixed not possible to select first sort value
Fixed sort by date
Fixed Video in lightbox not autoplaying on Safari
Enable Gutenberg Editor for example posts
Fixed Lightbox Content Overflow option
Fixed Image vertical align in backend preview
Fixed Lightbox based on Content Gallery for Gutenberg posts
Changed notice containers in the WordPress plugin page for a better user experience

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。