WordPress SEO插件All In One SEO Pack Pro v4.6.5 + Addons

WordPress SEO插件All In One SEO Pack Pro

WordPress SEO插件All In One SEO Pack Pro是流行的 wordpress 插件的高级版本,是 wordpress 网站或博客的最佳和下载次数最多的 SEO 优化插件之一。 改善您的搜索结果很容易 – All in One SEO Pack Pro wordpress 插件对于 SEO 设置是必不可少的

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WordPress SEO插件All In One SEO Pack Pro功能

  • All In One SEO Pack Pro为永久链接 (URL) 的任何更改创建 301 重定向。
  • 可以为每个标题和标签配置单独的描述(description)和关键字(keyword)
  • 您可以为每个单独的帖子或页面指定机器人值:index、noindex、follow 等。 (对于所有缓存的索引类型,noindex 的配置方式与 多合一搜索引擎优化)
  • 图片搜索引擎优化模块(商业计划及以上)
  • WooCommerce 的高级支持
  • 类别、标签和自定义分类法的 SEO
  • 类别、标签和自定义分类法的社交元
  • All In One SEO Pack Pro支持谷歌标签管理器
  • 高级谷歌分析跟踪
  • 视频搜索引擎优化模块
  • All In One SEO Pack Pro更好地控制显示设置
  • All In One SEO Pack Pro无广告(无横幅广告)
  • 访问视频截屏
  • 访问高级支持论坛
  • 访问知识中心

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更改日志:WordPress SEO插件All In One SEO Pack Pro

All In One SEO Pack Pro New in Version 4.2.6 – Released on October 4, 2022

New: Emoji Picker – Choose from a multitude of curated emojis to add to the title, meta description and other fields!
New: Redirects and Link Assistant tables now allow you to select how many items you want to display per page.
Updated: SEO Analysis cache for the static homepage after updating the page, allowing for more accurate results.
Updated: Added support to Product schema for Merchant Listings and EDD variable products.
Updated: Product schema now automatically pulls the GTIN from the WooCommerce UPC, EAN and ISBN plugin.
Updated: Schema Generator UI improvements to improve the UX when adding multiple items like Product Reviews, Book Editions or FAQ Questions.
Updated: Redirect Slug Monitor notices no longer appear in the dashboard.
Updated: HTML Sitemap dedicated page field now only allows internal URLs to be entered.
Updated: Image SEO now also strips words from the filename if the word boundary is a number or underscore.
Updated: Facebook’s and Twitter’s image upload now have size descriptions to help choosing an image.
Updated: SEO Analysis for internal/external links now explicitly mentions internal links.
Updated: Smart Tags now have an icon to help remove the tag and a documentation link.
Updated: Optimized the Local SEO search query for better performance.
Updated: Removed deprecated SEO Analysis for keywords in title.
Updated: Access Control descriptions for Editor, SEO Manager and SEO Editor roles have been updated to better reflect their access to our addon plugins.
Fixed: AIOSEO no longer outputs a duplicate canonical URL on AMP pages in some cases.
Fixed: New posts no longer have an “Auto Draft” post title.
Fixed: Tooltips no longer clip at the viewport or parent element in our modals.
Fixed: Person graph for the author sometimes not output for posts with Article schema or author pages.
Fixed: Default schema properties are now correctly migrated to the Schema Generator for posts that use the default.
Fixed: Link title no longer bleeds over when editing one link and then another in the Block Editor.
Fixed: PHP warning when installing addons on sites using the WP VIP Filesystem class.
Fixed: FAQ Schema no longer outputs duplicate schema when using the FAQ schema from the Schema Generator in conjunction with FAQ blocks in the content.
Fixed: Sitemap stylesheets for sites installed in subdirectories.
Fixed: Removing the default schema graph inside a post no longer makes the Schema Generator fall back to the global default schema, allowing it to be blank.
Fixed: Automatically generated description no longer include the URLs from oEmbedded videos.
Fixed: Smart tags can now be removed on mobile devices.
Fixed: Image SEO compatibility with the Divi Builder plugin.
Fixed: Redirect test now shows the correct message when the test passes or fails.
Fixed: Admin notices can no longer accidentally display on the frontend of the site.
Fixed: After adding a new redirect the defaults for the next redirect will reflect the defaults from the Redirect settings.
Fixed: Redirects imported from “301 Redirects” plugin now have the correct target URL when the target is a page ID.

 All In One SEO Pack Pro v4.2.5.1 – Released on September 9, 2022
Fixed: Modals sometimes not opening in page builder integrations.
Fixed: New posts are no longer pre-populated with an “Auto Draft” title.
Fixed: Setup Wizard sometimes timing out while installing additional plugins.

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  2. AIOSEO – 图像 SEO v1.1.1
  3. AIOSEO – 本地企业 v1.2.11
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  5. AIOSEO – 视频站点地图 v1.1.7
  6. AIOSEO – 链接助手 v1.0.10
  7. AIOSEO – IndexNow v1.0.5
  8. AIOSEO – 休息 API v1.0.2

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal

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