WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO v6.4.0.2

WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO

WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO立即改善您的流量 SEOpress PRO,  简单、快速、强大的 WordPress SEO 插件。

WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO快速启用/禁用功能,在几秒钟内更改标题标签,你需要的一切 SEOpress PRO 插入。 支持 Google 结构化数据类型。 为 Google 新闻等生成 XML 站点地图。

演示: https://www.seopress.org/

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WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO特点

特点 SEOPress PRO
  • 标题和元数据
  • XML 站点地图
  • HTML 站点地图
  • 具有无限关键字的内容分析(即使是免费的)
  • 谷歌知识图谱
  • Google 本地商户数据类型
  • 都柏林核心
  • 打开图表
  • 推特卡
  • 谷歌分析(GDPR 就绪)
  • 谷歌标签管理器
  • 谷歌广告
  • 导入/导出设置
  • 将附件重定向到发布父或文件 URL
  • 无广告?
  • 没有脚印?
  • 404监控
  • 网址重写
  • 白色标签
  • 直观的界面
  • 从 CSV 文件导入元数据
  • Google 结构化数据类型(架构)
  • 谷歌建议
  • 具有高级条件的自动/手动模式
  • SEOPress BOT – 断开的链接
  • 反向链接(需要 Majestic API 密钥)
  • 视频 XML 站点地图
  • WordPress 仪表板中的 Google Analytics 统计信息
  • 重定向 301、302、307、410、451
  • 编辑您的 robots.txt
  • 编辑您的 htaccess
  • 面包屑
  • 谷歌页面速度
  • WooCommerce
  • 谷歌新闻站点地图

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更新日志 WordPress SEO插件SEOPress PRO

= v5.9 (18/08/2022) =
NEW Google Analytics v4 widget to get stats in WP Dashboard 
NEW HTML Sitemap block for Gutenberg 
NEW Compatibility with official AMP plugin (first iteration) 
NEW Dozens of user interface and user experience enhancements
NEW Swedish language (professional translation) 🇸🇪
NEW Option to remove noreferrer attribute on links (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
NEW ‘seopress_link_attrs’ hook to filter link attribute on post_content (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-link-attributes-on-post_content/)
NEW Add redirection meta to the SEOPress REST API (https://www.seopress.org/support/guides/get-started-with-the-seopress-rest-api/)
INFO Universal SEO metabox: change quick button order ‘site separator’ and ‘site title’ to match global settings (UI)
INFO Remove ‘Disable trailing slash for metas’ option from Advanced settings: we now automatically take care of this
INFO Disable Bing XML sitemap ping (CRON) if IndexNow is enabled (Instant Indexing)
INFO If ‘seopress_404_cleaning_query’ filter used, the period is now dynamically displayed to the UI
INFO Improve Google Preview encoding for universal SEO metabox
INFO Oxygen v4 compatibility for keyword density and word counters
FIX Uncaught TypeError: array_key_first() /wp-seopress/inc/admin/callbacks/InstantIndexing.php:165
FIX Empty xml sub sitemap for product if WC is disabled
FIX Bricks builder compatibility: duplicated beacon on homepage
FIX Trailingslash for post type archive link in XML sitemaps
FIX OG type for products
FIX Redirection suggestion URL by using home_url() instead of site_url()
FIX Missing addressCountry field for manual Job schema
FIX Primary product category
FIX Undefined $html variable with Local Business block
FIX i18n

= (30/06/2022) =
FIX Fatal error if PRO not up to date
FIX Can’t redeclare seopress_register_meta on plugin deactivation

= v5.8 (30/06/2022) =
NEW Quickly edit your primary category for post and products with the Block Editor 
NEW Image SEO: cleaning image file when upload a media (e.g. “ExãMple 1 cópy!.jpg” => “example-1-copy.jpg”) 
NEW Prevent 500 errors when editing / saving .htaccess file 
NEW Automatically use the Product title when sending images to set the image Title, Alt, Caption and Description (Product post type only)
NEW Add link on term archives for html sitemap
NEW Try to automatically override Storefront‘s default breadcrumbs with SEOPress one (PRO)
NEW Add noindex on add-to-cart links in robots.txt file (go to SEO, PRO, robots.txt tab to add this new rule)
NEW XML sub-sitemaps URL to better follow the official guidelines of Google (https://www.seopress.org/docs/xml-sitemap)
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_cpt’ hook to filter list of custom post types of XML sitemaps settings (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-list-of-post-types-from-xml-sitemap-options/)
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_tax’ hook to filter list of taxonomies of XML sitemaps settings (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-list-of-taxonomies-from-xml-sitemap-options/)
INFO Improve SEO Dashboard
INFO Optimize video xml sitemap regeneration performance
INFO Improve Alt text missing UI in Content Analysis
INFO Improve word counter for Content Analysis
INFO Add CPT key and Post ID to “seopress_auto_image_title” hook (https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-automatic-image-title/)
INFO Automatic handling of the site url to avoid errors with Google Inspect URL
INFO Stop pinging Bing for XML sitemaps since it’s officially deprecated
INFO Use the Site icon if no image available for Open Graph Image tag
INFO Improve block FAQ schema logic
INFO Update updater
FIX Bricks (1.4) compatibility issue with our content analysis feature
FIX Archives indexing for our Wizard if no post type archives available
FIX SEOPress blocks icons alignment in Gutenberg blocks panel
FIX Duplicated meta robots on search archive page
FIX Knowledge graph option (Person or Organization) option with French translation
FIX GA4 tracking script URL
FIX Import / Export Indexing options
FIX Zion Builder compatibility for Content Analysis
FIX Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM compatibility issue with Block Editor and SEOPress PRO
FIX Video xml sitemap missing video caused by a transient issue
FIX Missing alt text for images analysis with Universal SEO metabox
FIX UI: Remove GA tab from SEO dashboard if disabled
FIX Primary post / product categories in XML sitemaps
FIX Missing sameAs properties for Article automatic schema
FIX i18n

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。