WordPress XML/CSV导入器插件WP All Import Pro v4.7.9

WordPress XML/CSV导入器插件WP All Import Pro

WordPress XML & CSV导入器插件WP All Import Pro是由 Soflyy (WP All Import) 开发的 WordPress 插件。 WP All Import Pro 允许您导入数十万条记录,即使在共享主机上也是如此。

用于 WordPress 和 WooCommerce 的 #1 导入插件。 通过易于使用的拖放界面全面、精细地控制您的数据

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演示: http://www.wpallimport.com/

特点 WP All Import Pro – WordPress XML & CSV Importer Plugin

特点 WP All Import Pro – WordPress XML & CSV Importer Plugin
  • 简单的拖放界面
  • 运行预定的自动导入
  • 导入照片库、类别、自定义字段等
  • 适用于任何文件结构,无需编辑或重新排列数据
  • 任何文件类型,任何文件结构:无需重新排列您的数据,只需将您的文件上传到 WP All Import 即可进行排序
  • 完全定制:对每条数据进行细粒度控制
  • 导入大量数据:无论您的网站有多大或需要导入多少数据, WP全部导入 可以处理。
  • WPML 和 Polylang:在 WPML 和 Polylang 团队的支持下,将数据导入多语言网站从未如此简单。
  • 不仅仅是文章,还有一切:进出口 WooCommerce 产品、产品、订单、类别、房地产清单、图片库……
  • WooCommerce、ACF、用户:将用户数据导入任何主题或插件,包括 WooCommerce 客户、插件会员资格等。
  • 预定导入:运行预定的自动导入或设置 cron 作业。

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Changelog:WordPress XML/CSV导入器插件WP All Import Pro

improvement: changed Manage Imports page button labels to be more precise
improvement: assign 'Uncategorized' term to posts imported without a category assigned
improvement: add support for taxonomies that return objects instead of IDs
improvement: check if import file still exists before trying to load it
improvement: remove commented code that could cause false positives for security scans
bug fix: jQuery error related to 'destroy' method
bug fix: rare issue that prevented content image URLs from being updated during import
bug fix: option to mark missing products as out of stock doesn't work with cron
bug fix: taxonomies section drag and drop doesn't save after rearranging fields
bug fix: can't save code to Function Editor
bug fix: conflict with Advanced Ads plugin

bug fix: 'Set missing records to out of stock' option doesn't work when 'Delete products that are no longer present in your file' option enabled
bug fix: do not invalidate hash when FTP settings change
bug fix: drag-and-drop hierarchical taxonomies doesn't work ( WordPress 5.9 )
improvement: respect filename matching options with images in content

security fix
improvement: add support for extremely long image source URLs
improvement: invalidate 'skip records that haven't changed' hash when using the 'instead of delete' options
bug fix: file cleanup fails on PHP 8

= v4.6.5 =
- New Feature: Import files from FTP
- improvement: deprecate \'High Speed Small File Processing\' import option
- improvement: allow multiple import IDs to be passed to WP-CLI
- improvement: sort imports by friendly name
- improvement: improve import speed when matching WooCommerce products by _sku custom field
- bug fix: \'Change image file names\' setting used when \'Use images currently in Media Library\' is selected
- bug fix: existing Reviews content type conflicts with WooCommerce Reviews
- bug fix: \'Use images currently in Media Library\' option tries to match images in content section
- bug fix: periods removed from cron job keys when saving plugin settings
- bug fix: references in \'pmxi_posts\' table for terms imported via \'Taxonomies\' imports removed on plugin deactivation
- bug fix: invalid images in post content downloaded as HTML pages
- bug fix: chromium scroll anchoring causes screen jumping effect
- bug fix: pagenum query argument causes broken link on import complete screen
- bug fix: WPML translations matching don\'t work for product variations in some cases
- bug fix: unable to match existing comments/reviews by custom field
- bug fix: unable to import existing files from sub folders
- bug fix: disabling \'Keep images currently in Media Library\' invalidates hashes when \'Images\' aren\'t set to be updated
- bug fix: changing image options in add-ons using Rapid Add-On API doesn\'t invalidate hashes
- bug fix: post created/updated/deleted counts disappear from \'Import in Progress\' page upon import completion

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WP All Import Pro 插件列表

  • WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro v3.3.4
  • WP All Import Pro ACF 插件 v3.3.8
  • WP All Import Pro Link Cloaking Add-on v1.1.5 Final
  • WP All Import Pro 用户导入插件 v1.1.8

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。