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杂志Magzine是一个使用免费 Elementor 插件的 WordPress 评论和杂志主题,该插件拥有超过 500 万用户。 它有一个拖放编辑器,可让您轻松创建您的网站。

Elementor 在您的帖子和页面的外观方面受到限制。 这是杂志进入图片的时候。 您可以使用此主题简单地制作自己的页眉、页脚、存档页面、搜索页面、评论文章和评论框。 它还包括 40 多个自定义组件。

如果您不想,您不必创建自己的网站。 该主题包括许多预建网站(更多即将推出)。 这不仅仅是不同登陆页面的集合。 每个设计都包含您需要的一切,包括页眉、页脚、404 页面、帖子页面、类别页面等。



特点:杂志 – Elementor 评论和杂志主题

  • 网站建设者
  • 设计元素 (40+)
  • 一键导入网站
  • 查看无与伦比的功能
  • 具有独特集线器的系统
  • 已经开发好的网站
  • 余生免费更新
  • 最高质量的支持
  • 符合 RTL 标准
  • 100% 搜索引擎优化
  • 页面性能得到了改进。
  • 翻译就绪和多语言


变更日志:杂志 – Elementor 评论和杂志主题

Version 1.16 (01-Aug-22)​
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.2.5
Update: Added new page setting to hide featured item on individual post/page
Update: Add Rating element: Added option to display submit button for single ratings
Update: Post Meta element: Can now display the number of followers for each post/page (existing followers prior to this update will not have been counted)
Tweak: Heading element: Improved Horizontal Line Through border styling options
Fix: Scrolling header was not working correctly on smaller devices
Fix: Post Navigation element: Transition effect not working on link hover
Fix: Error thrown if non-number was used in number fields
Fix: Popup close button was not always displaying
Fix: Popup did not open on mobile for non anchor elements with selector
Fix: Could not close popup if no animation was selected
Fix: Error was thrown with BuddyPress member widgets and BuddyBoss plugin

Version 1.15 (05-Jul-22)​
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.2.4
Update: Stats element – Added option to now manually set column number and change this depending on window size
Update: Stats element – Added option to display icon above and below stats
Update: Stats element – Added options to show numbers of specific post types from specific taxonomies/terms
Update: Taxonomies element – Added option to add taxonomies on same line
Update: Button element – Added option to change alignment of text within button
Update: Nav Menu element – Added option to change menu icon position and size
Update: Items element – Added option to change load more text
Update: Post Submission Form – Can now add Number field type
Update: Post Submission Form: Added option to change field widths
Update: Post Meta: added before/after text styling options
Update: Post Meta element – Added option to add monetary formatting to price field
Update: Post Submission Form element – Can now add option values without name if you want them to both be the same value
Update: Attributes Filter element – Added option to filter items by post date
Update: Post Meta element – Added option to add change avatar link
Tweak: Popup exit animation improvements
Tweak: Page loader image now includes width and height properties
Fix: Post Submission Form element – Multiple values were not saved from multi value Select and Checkbox fields
Fix: Post Submission Form element – Changing Select and Checkbox field values were not being on edit submission page
Fix: Add another affiliate box didn’t clear urls
Fix: URLs were being duplicated when adding multiple items in Affiliates/Slider/Carousel/Stats/Post Meta/News Ticker elements
Fix: Post submission Form element – Specific taxonomy terms were not shown if empty taxonomy field left empty
Fix: Post Submission Form element – Multiple selections were not working when field required
Fix: Post Submission Form element – fixed issue with custom field names and values being named incorrectly
Fix: Items element – No items found message did not strip slashes
Fix: Standard comments were not being displaying after submitting comments
Fix: Issues with editing comment rating in backend
Fix: Items element – Pagination was not always showing when it should

Version 1.13.3 (08-Jun-22)​
Update: Added ability to add your own YouTube API key in the Videos Playlist element
Tweak: Popup URLs now support “?popup=” as “?page=” doesn’t work on all servers when URL is entered directly into address bar
Fix: PHP warnings in Advanced Tabs element
Fix: Theme templates were being indexed by search engines
Fix: Issues with Post Navigation element styling
Fix: Incorrect site settings being imported from demo importer

Version 1.13.2 (27-May-22)​
Tweak: Cleaned up and removed redundant Popup Settings
Fix: Comment ajax was not working
Fix: Members homepage redirect was not working
Fix: Custom CSS option was conflicting with Elementor Pro
Fix: Popup custom classes option was not working correctly
Fix: Popup styling was not always being loaded
Fix: Popup exit animation was not working

Version 1.13.1 (24-May-22)​
Fix: Advanced Tabs element was not adding endpoints to URLs
Fix: Featured Item element URLs were being duplicated

Version 1.13 (22-May-22)​
Update: Moved all theme options to Elementor Site Settings page (accessible from GhostPool Core > Site Settings)
Update: Template settings now moved to separate Display Conditions page
Update: Added option to edit average user rating and up/down votes from GhostPool Core > Reviews page
Update: Added option to delete up/down votes separately from user rating data from GhostPool Core > Reviews page
Update: Replaced Section element Placeholder Image option with full Placeholder Background option
Update: Added %POST_URL%, %HUB_URL%, %HUB_SLUG% and %POST_SLUG% for custom URL option in Button element
Fix: Comments with ratings below minimum and above maximum would sometimes get posted
Fix: Deleting a comment that was never approved would remove user rating from post when it was never added in first place
Fix: Pages with bbPress shortcodes would be treated as bbPress page
Fix: Featured image background in Section element was not showing in Elementor editor
Fix: Link Properties on Section element were not hidden when Featured Image wasn’t selected
Fix: Custom CSS option was not working
Fix: Post terms were not displaying on theme templates with Elementor Pro dynamic tags

Version 1.12.1 (11-May-22)​
Tweak: Moved inline alignment CSS for Elementor from body to header of site
Fix: style.css had validation issues
Fix: Template Shortcode Gutenberg block was not working
Fix: Add Another button for multi field repeater options on posts/pages not working
Fix: Templates multi field repeater not showing remove button and edit button correctly in some cases

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