Elementor插件Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro v7.1.9

Elementor插件Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro

Elementor插件Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro是扩展 Elementor 页面构建器功能并添加许多新功能的插件。

功能列表:绝对定位、内置块显示、渐变按钮、文本渐变、部分链接、最大宽度、自适应边框宽度、自适应背景图片、背景位置、度数列宽、每个元素的背景视差、多个背景图片、轮播、几个自定义 URL 等等。

演示: https://pafe.piotnet.com/


具有适用于 Piotnet Addons Pro

  • 响应列顺序
  • 绝对定位
  • 显示内联块
  • 渐变文字
  • 渐变按钮
  • 部分链接
  • 专栏链接
  • 最大宽度
  • 响应式边框宽度
  • 响应式背景图像,颜色
  • 响应式背景位置
  • 响应式背景自定义大小
  • 列宽(像素、%、计算)
  • 每个元素的视差背景
  • 多个背景图像
  • 图片轮播多个自定义网址

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Changelog:Elementor插件Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro

[PRO] 6.5.24 (2022/08/04)
Optimize conditional logic and calculated field on complex forms.
Add option to allow hide submit button after submitting success.
Add the Select2 option for the Terms Select field.
Fix an issue with the Dropdown icon of the Select field.
Fix PAFE section link does not work on flexbox container.
Fix conflict WooCommerce PayPal payment.
Fix undefined offset error of RangeSlider.
Add JSON format for options of RangeSlider.

[PRO] 6.5.23 (2022/07/25)
Optimize handle error for Stripe subscription.
Fix Lightbox does not work properly with dynamic value.
Fix error require min select image for field image select of Multi-step forms.
Fix undefined index when use “pafe/form_builder/remote_request_response” hook.

[PRO] 6.5.22 (2022/07/13)
Add post_id short code to Submit Post.
Add scroll required filed (Image select, Image upload).
Optimize check IP address for International Tel field.
Fix conditional logic does not work properly with the Radio field.
Update condition for Subscriptions Stripe.
Fix forms keep saving database and turn on popup even when register fail

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。

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