WordPress搜索插件Reactive Search Pro v5.0.1

WordPress搜索插件Reactive Search Pro

Reactive Search Pro – 高级 WordPress 搜索过滤器地图和网格

借助WordPress搜索插件Reactive Search Pro,让您的客户搜索更方便。 由反应性驱动的高级搜索、过滤器和网格插件。 易于安装、高度可扩展的 WordPress 搜索插件。

Reactive Pro 有超过 15 个搜索属性,拖放搜索页面构建器,基于地图的搜索,主页搜索,顶线搜索,使其更加强大。 它可以通过邮件、产品、各种个性化消息、分类、元数据进行搜索。 它有一个内置的 geobox 和一个位置查找器。

⭐另见:收藏 Codecanyon 插件 每日更新保费

演示: https://codecanyon.net/search/17425763

功能 :WordPress搜索插件Reactive Search Pro

  • 类别搜索、元搜索
  • 帖子搜索,帖子类型搜索
  • 在哪里搜索,地图搜索
  • 产品搜索、搜索引擎、图片搜索
  • 搜索评论,搜索评论
  • 好友按搜索用户、好友按搜索按组、编辑搜索分类、搜索标签……

Changelog :WordPress搜索插件Reactive Search Pro

v5.0.0 – 28 February 22
- Wordpress 5.9.1 support added
- Dropdown select issue with WordPress v5.9 fixed
- Shortcode rendering issue with WordPress v5.9 issue fixed
- Search result performance improved
- JS loading improved with 20% faster page load

v4.0.10 – 6 March 21
- WP 4.8.x support added
- style issues fixed

= v4.0.9 – 6 March 21 =
- Apply filters hooks added for grid data
- Minor styles issues fixed
- Latest WP compatibility issues fixed
- Plugin Performane improved
- Search Performance improved

= v4.0.8 =
- meta sorting issue fixed
- language error on console fixed
- performance improved
- design issues fixed
- theme compatibility issue fixed

v4.0.7 – 18 August 20
- general update for wp 5.5
- general update for woocommerce 4.3.3
- custom js code option provided for the templates

v4.0.6.6 – 17 May 20
- general update for wp 5.4.x
- category block issue fixed
- duplicate import issue fixed
- performance improved
- design issues fixed
- theme compatibility issues fixed

v4.0.6.5 – 7 January 20
- Location search issue fixed

v4. – 5 January 20
- RnB compatibility issue fixed

v4. – 23 November 19
- search settings panel show item bug fixed

v4.0.6.4 – 7 November 19
Auto complete text search threshold settings added
text search issue fixed
map marker issue fixed
range search component issue fixed
wpml issue fixed
code & plugin performance optimized

v4.0.6.3 – 28 March 19
All term Names issue
Meta key sorting for both number and string
Template selection issue
Search tag url decode
Redirect settings duplication issue fix
Turn off post content √
rnb datepicker with prequery issue
Search Tag remove of rnb datepicker
map satalite view and terreian view enabled
map default view option added
map styled bug fixed
map config modified
wpml post link issue fixed
wpml link issue should be fixed from grid template
Menu order sorting functionality added

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。