WordPress目录插件Directory Pro v2.3.8

WordPress目录插件Directory Pro

Directory Pro您可以使用任何电子商务支付网关,包括电子商务订阅。 支付网关; Mailchimp 为新订阅者存档电子邮件。

一体化 WPML,类别/列表; 7个价目表; 2个注册样式; 注册券; 通过包创建用户角色; 重新定义模式; 重定向页面


  • 贝宝 [Express Checkout]
  • 条纹 [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
  • Woocommerce 支付
  • Mailchimp 为新订阅者存档电子邮件
  • WPML
  • 插件内包含 13 个语言文件
  • 与 Visual Composer WPBakery Page Builder 集成
  • 目录列表
  • 会员类型:免费帐户,一次性付款,定期付款……
  • 7 价目表
  • 2个注册样式
  • 我的帐户
  • 注册优惠券
  • 创建捆绑的用户角色
  • 页面重定向
  • 11 个电子邮件模板
  • 2 个用户公开资料
  • 支付历史
  • 报告

演示: https://codecanyon.net/search/12488012


Changelog Directory Pro WordPress 插件

v2.3.6 – 14th-August– 2022
--Elementor widget bug fix on multisite WPr

v2.3.4 – 9th-August– 2022
--Added new listing archive page with popup/modal filter

v2.3.3 – 9th-June– 2022
--Update free package access for add listing & add icons on single listing page.

v2.3.0 – 2nd-Feb– 2022
--Removed WP 5.9 message

v2.2.9 – 7-December– 2021
--Added Elementor Widget for Lsiting detail page

v2.2.8 – 12-November– 2021
--Add Form Builder for Lising data fields

v2.2.4 – 13th-August– 2021
-Update Ajax popup contact form

= v2.1.9 – 23-February– 2021 =
-Added New Listing layout A to Z filter : http://directorypro.eplug-ins.com/listing-grid-a_to_z-filter/
-Added New Categories Tree : http://directorypro.eplug-ins.com/categories-tree/
Categories-tree Demo

v2.1.8 – 14-January– 2021
-Bug fixed for WP version : 5.6

v2.1.7 – 25-December– 2020
-Update Stripe API keys

= v2.1.5 =
-Added Sort Order
-Added Elementor widget for listing detail page design.
Doc :Directory Pro- WordPress Plugin
- Update contact form message
* Fixed WP-CLI redirect issue in multisite
* Fixed PHP empty needle warnings with HTML minify enabled
* Fixed HTML Minifier blank output (PREG_JIT_STACKLIMIT_ERROR)
* Fixed specifying URIs with a query string in Additional Pages - Performance->Page Cache->Additional Pages parameter was not processing URIs with query string correctly and didn’t purge such pages when Cache URIs with query string option is enabled.

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