WordPress Google Drive插件Use-Your-Drive v2.7.2

WordPress Google Drive插件Use-Your-Drive

WordPress Google Drive插件Use-Your-Drive 是一款适用于 WordPress 的巧妙、可调节、富有想象力的 Google Drive mix 插件,可完美显示您在 Google Drive 中的记录。

无需编码能力! 一键将您的 Google Drive 记录连接到插件!

在 WordPress 页面或帖子编辑管理器中,打开 使用您的驱动器 – > 简码生成器 并选择预先设计的模式选择应该用作插件开始阶段的 Google Drive 管理器。

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演示: https://codecanyon.net/search/6219776



  • 文件浏览器
  • 画廊
  • 音频播放器和视频播放器
  • 上传到云端
  • 按名称和内容搜索文件
  • 内联预览
  • 嵌入文件
  • 共享链接
  • 用户文件夹
  • 一切尽在云端
  • 很棒的媒体播放器
  • 用户权限
  • 简码生成器
  • 通知
  • 优化性能
  • 面向对象的代码
  • WooCommerce 集成
  • 重力形式集成
  • 多语言就绪
  • 响应式设计
  • 智能加载
  • 面向对象的代码
  • 专业支持
  • 终身更新 – 免费

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更改日志 Use-Your-Drive | WordPress Nulled Free 的 Google Drive 插件

v1.19.8 - 13 June 2022
Added: New Aspect Ratio setting for the Media Player module to set a fixed size of the media player. Default 16:9.
Added: New upload Prefix filenames setting which allows you to prefix newly uploaded files. This settings does support folder paths and you can use the dynamic placeholders.
Added: New webhooks functionality allowing you to get automated messages based on all events the plugin logs. See the documentation for examples.
Added: New placeholder for WooCommerce Product upload locations: %wc_item_id%.

Fix: Search operations using quotes not correctly passes as operators in API search query.
Fix: Search request could be stopped if there are so many subfolders to search in that the server doesn't accept the POST request anymore with this amount of folder ids.
Fix: Portrait videos displayed incorrectly in fullscreen.
Improvement: The list of uploded files in WooCommerce Orders is now directly visible in the order details.

1.19.5	4 April 2022	
Fix: Embed button in Shortcode Builder not working.
Fix: Large folder/zip downloads could cause buffer issues leading to corrupt downloads.
Improvement: ZIP downloads of a single folder will now use the name of that folder.
Updated: Several Javascript libraries to their latest versions, including Chart.js, DataTables, WPColorPicker, Shareon, Clipboard.js and PanZoom.

1.19.4	24 March 2022	
Added: new %post_title% placeholder.
Fix: Delete Folder permission not correctly saved in Module Configurator
Fix: Plugin could crash if list of permissions contained invalid data
Fix: Prevent plugin from crashing when a WooCommerce Order template is used in combination with the woocommerce_order_item_meta_end hook providing only three arguments instead of four required since WC 6.0.

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笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal。