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WordPress会员插件Restrict Content Pro v3.5.25 + Addons) - INFOXIAO - WordPress主题
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WordPress会员插件Restrict Content Pro v3.5.25 + Addons)

WordPress会员插件Restrict Content Pro

WordPress 的会员插件Restrict Content 是一个用于访问优质 WordPress 内容的全功能插件。 创建无限数量的团队选项,包括免费、试用和高级。

管理群组及其订阅、跟踪付款、使用折扣代码系统提供折扣,并向您的用户提供优质内容。 一个功能强大、功能齐全的 WordPress 会员解决方案。

演示: https://restrictcontentpro.com/

专业版:WordPress 的会员插件

  • 优惠券代码:生成无限数量的折扣代码并根据固定费率提供百分比或折扣。
  • 内置集成:接受 Stripe、Braintree、2Checkout、Authorize.net 或 PayPal Website Payments Pro 的信用卡。 Restrict Content Pro 还支持 PayPal Standard 和 Express,以及同时支持多种付款方式。
  • 报告: 优雅且易于使用的报告可以准确地向您展示您的会员网站的运行情况。 轻松查看当月或任何其他时间段的表现。
  • 导出数据:生成任何给定订阅级别的所有活动成员的 CSV,或系统中每个成员的 CSV。 您还可以生成任何已付款的 CSV。
  • 扩展帮助:WordPress 管理员内的上下文帮助为您提供触手可及的相关信息。
  • 现场演示:为了帮助您更好地了解对订阅者的看法,请访问现场演示网站并亲自查看注册过程。
  • 无限订阅:创建无限数量的订阅计划。 您可以轻松创建免费、试用和高级订阅。
  • 会员管理:轻松查看所有活跃用户、待处理用户、过期用户、取消用户和免费用户。
  • 简单的设置: Restrict Content Pro 让向订阅者提供优质内容变得超级容易。
  • 会员电子邮件:向新会员发送欢迎邮件、发送付款收据,并在会员帐户自动过期前提醒会员。

推荐:WooCommerce会员插件WooCommerce Memberships

Changelog Restrict Content Pro WordPress 插件 

v3.5.19 - Release Date: July 19, 2022
Bugs Squashed:
Fix: Error when updating or adding a card with Stripe. Update RCP JS Stripe code that was using deprecated function.
Improvement: Update styles of registration page. Props James Welbes
Improvement: Update styles of Membership page. Props James Welbes.

v3.5.15 - Release Date: June 6, 2022
Fix: Not available subscriptions when renewing.

Restrict Content Pro 3.5.14
Release Date: May 5, 2022
Bugs Squashed:
Fixed a bug on PHP 8 that was throwing some PHP errors on the Discount Codes page.
Features Added:
We added the ability for your users to switch free memberships
We added a Payment Descriptor option for Stripe users

Version 3.5.12 – September 14, 2021
Fix: Ensuring that the rcp admin notice can be dismissed from any admin page

Version 3.5.11 – September 14, 2021
Update: Adding messaging for new plan inclusions and hiding add-ons page temporarily

Version 3.5.10, July 19, 2021
Fix: PHP 8 Deprecations
Fix: Adding WordPress 5.8 block_categories_all covering custom Gutenberg category
Fix: Fixing the declaration of the Allowed Blocks for Content Upgrade Redirect
Fix: Fixing InnerBlocks Template declarations

Version 3.5.9, May 20, 2021
Feature: Adding new WP_CLI commands to create, update, get, list, and delete membership_levels through the command line.

Version 3.5.8, May 5, 2021
Feature: Introducing the Content Upgrade Redirect Block for RCP!

=  v3.5.7  =
Changelog Not Found!

= v3.5.4 , February 1, 2021 =
Fix: Updating minified version of register form js for Restrict Content Pro

Version 3.5.3, January 8, 2021
Fix: Reworking jQuery to cover deprecations.

- Fix: WooCommerce Products can be incorrectly restricted if a user hasn't verified their email address.
- New: Added new actions hooks to Membership page before and after payments table. 'rcp_membership_details_before_payments' and 'rcp_membership_details_after_payments'
- Fix: Able to save invalid configuration with 0 duration and payment plan.
- New: Introduced action hook that runs after membership is updated via admin. 'rpc_after_membership_admin_update'
- New: Created new filter on price for RCP Group Accounts User Specified Count Quantity
- Fix: Removed 'ba-bbq' library to fix Javascript error in WordPress 5.5
- Fix: Some columns were missing from Membership Levels after updating from 2.x to 3.4.
- Improvement: Update to Danish Translation.
- Fix: Polish Currency Code formatting
- Fix: Bulk actions don't work when using non-English languages.
- Improvement: Option to apply discounts to signup fees
- Improvement: Move Membership Level to BerlinDB
- Fix: Incorrect expiration date when renewing an existing membership.
- Improvement: Update to French Translation
- Improvement: Update some BerlinDB bas classes
- New: Add ability to toggle auto renew off/on [Stripe]
- Improvement: Add ability to export all members at once.
- Fix: Unable to save backslashes in the databases
- New: Logs Table
- New: Add payments importer tool
- Improvement: Stop using '000-00-00 00:00:00' as default date values
- Improvement: Add database table version numbers to system info file
- New: Add Component Registry
- Fix: CSS was removed in order to remove the breaking style from admin pages.
- Fix: use "jQuery" instead of "$".
- Improvement: %member_id% template tag description change
- Improvement: Capitalize first letter in card brand on the update card form page.
- Improvement: [rcp_update_card] shortcode did not work with editing multiple memberships.

Restrict Content 专业插件列表(扩展)

  1. 限制内容专业版 – BuddyPress v2.1.7(新)
  2. Restrict Content Pro – 查看限制 v1.0.3(新)
  3. Restrict Content Pro – 自定义更新 v1.0.5(新)
  4. Restrict Content Pro – Ultimate Member v1.2.1(新)
  5. 限制内容专业版 – AWeber Pro v1.1.5
  6. 限制内容专业版 – ConvertKit v1.1.3
  7. 限制内容专业版 – 自定义重定向 v1.0.7
  8. Restrict Content Pro – 滴灌内容 v1.0.7
  9. 限制内容专业版 – 组帐户 v2.2
  10. Restrict Content Pro – 硬设置到期日期 v1.1.4
  11. Restrict Content Pro – Help Scout 1.0.4
  12. Restrict Content Pro – IP 限制 v1.2.8
  13. 限制内容专业版 – MailChimp 专业版 1.5.3
  14. 限制内容专业版 – 数学验证 v1.0.5
  15. 限制内容专业版 – REST API v1.2.2
  16. Restrict Content Pro – 限制超时 v1.0.5
  17. 限制内容专业版 – 限制过去的内容 v1.0.3
  18. Restrict Content Pro – 网站创建 1.3.1
  19. Restrict Content Pro – Timelock v1.1.1
  20. 限制内容专业版 – WooCommerce 会员折扣 v1.0.5
  21. 限制内容专业版 – ActiveCampaign v1.1.1
  22. 限制内容专业版 – 每级电子邮件 v1.0.1

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免费下载 Restrict Content Pro v3.5.25 + Addons

笔记: 也许你需要在安装插件之前解压缩。 如果任何主题/插件包含病毒,我们不提供任何保证。 在 localhost 上使用之前,请检查 Virustotal 。